Wipe Your Paws Dirt Trapping Doormat

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A perfect choice for pet lovers - especially those with a sense of humour.

These mats have a multi-grip backing, with square corners, and are of a heavier weight than the Latex backed mats - extremely stable.

Ideal for carpets and hard floors.

Size: 60 x 85 cm (app. 23" x 33")
Turtle Mats will keep your home cleaner for longer; protecting floors and carpets from the damage caused by mud, dirt and dust. 
Developed to leave your floors as spotless as the last time you cleaned them, Turtle Mats' super absorbent cotton tufts work hard to trap moisture and grab dirt so you don't have to.
Turtle Mats are guaranteed for five years, machine washable and can even be tumble dried. So, you can be assured that there's no better doormat or rug to protect your home.

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All footprints great and small!
We all love our four-legged friends but loathe mess - a Turtle Mat pet mat is the solution to keeping your home cleaner.
It traps dirt faster than you can say 'woof''  to keep mud on the mat and off your clean floors.
Our dirt trapper mats for dogs and cats will give you that much-needed break from mopping up muddy paw prints.
The mat is manufactured from re-cycled cotton pile which includes an element of viscose, so improving the functionality of the pile by making the fibres more resilient to crushing when walked on.
The composition is : 85% cotton, 15% viscose.

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