Whelping Bars for Freedom Puppy Pen.

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Fits Standard Freedom Pen (either height) or extended pen which has been extended using 2 extra 31" long panels, or 2 extra 49" long panels.

These strong protector rails simply clamp to the mesh sides at spaces determined by you.

They are powder coated to match the Freedom pen, and are therefore easily cleaned and disinfected.

Bring extra safety during whelping.

May be used with either height of Freedom pen.

Price is for a set of 4


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Whelping Bars for Standard Sized freedom Pen
Whelping Bars for Freedom Pen Extended by two 31" panels
Whelping Bars for Freedom Pen Extended by two 49" panels
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Whelping bars for freedom puppy pen
Whelping bars for double pen - 31"
Whelping bars for double pen - 49"
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