Crate Trolleys, Grooming Tables, Bench Guards and Tops - For the Show

Lots of choice for dog grooming tables, show trolleys, dog crate trolleys and crate grooming tops.

Great for the dog groomer and at a dog show. Unusual grooming and crate trolley items all on one page.

Your choice of grooming tables, trolleys and grooming baskets.

The Dog Grooming Tables are stoutly made with an anti-slip rubber top and steel tubular legs.
The grooming tables are available in a variety of sizes and may be of adjustable height or of fixed height.
The adjustable mechanism is safe and simple, and operates by selecting the length of table leg using pre-determined positions and then tightening that position with our clever design of clamp. This is safe, secure and simple.

The Easy Fold Ringside Grooming Table is another exclusive design from Croft. It is a fixed height dog grooming table on which the legs just slide into position. It is supplied complete with a carry bag which has generous pockets for your grooming equipment, leads, collars, feeing / water bowl - and your lunch! This makes the whole business of going to a show so much easier.
Once erected, the ringside grooming table has a wire hook on which you can hang the carry bag and contents so that everything is in one place.


The Clamp-on Grooming Tool Basket is another exclusive design from Croft which was produced to answer a 'cry from the heart' from dog groomers everywhere - "Where do we put out brushes, combs, clippers etc whilst grooming at the table?"
Answer  - this clamp on grooming basket. Easy to secure, this accessory will take much of the frustration away, and make grooming a better experience for you and your dog.


Table Trolleys are very popular at dog shows as they act as a trolley to carry all the items necessary at the show, whilst easily converting into a fixed height table.
The handle folds away, making the trolley, which is fitted with 125mm dia. (5ins) wheels easy to fit into most boot spaces.


Dog Crate Trolleys are available in two designs.
The large-wheel version is a trolley with two size options.
The wide, rugged inflatable tyres are ideal for rugged terrain, detachable for transport, and the steering mechanism is simple and tough. No tools required.
There is also a small wheeled adjustable trolley which is absolutely ideal to fit your dog crate. Again, this is easy to use and no tools are required.