Set of two 31" plain panels for 700mm Freedom

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Extra panel set to make your Crufts Freedom pen even larger!

Each panel simply slots into the standard pen.
Sold as a pair, each set doubles the floor area of the original pen.

May be used as replacements for standard side panels where door position of the standard pen is a problem.

Panel width = 31ins wide ( 79cm)

TAKE CARE THAT YOU ORDER THE CORRECT HEIGHT - either 700mm or 900mm high
All measurements are approx. only

If you are buying the standard pen as well as extra panels, you can easily increase the size of your Freedom pen - and SAVE MONEY. Check the standard pen for details.

freedom extended pen

An extended Freedom Play pen with extra tray and tray joiner.
(This example includes the gated panel set)

The double-up kit comprises of two extra 31 ins long panels, plus a second tray, plus an easily fitted tray connector to ensure safety and stability.

This gives a pen floor area of 49ins x 62ins (124cm x 157cm) which allows plenty of room.

The extra panels can be plain, or include a door for even more flexibility!

  freedom plain extra panel set   freedom gated extra panel set   freedom extra tray   freedom tray connector   freedom extended pen
extra plain panels extra panels incl. gate 2nd. plastic base tray tray connector

the finished article.

(with gated extra panels)

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