Puppy Playpens and Exercise Pens.

puppy play pens for puppies of all breeds

Play pens for your precious puppy. Compare the best!

Choose from strong tubular pens, lightweight easy-go pens, playpens with a base floor tray and octapen exercise pens which easily fold away.

Help on choosing which pen is right for you.

This may be the first time that you have ever had to make this choice, or you may be an old hand, but whichever applies choosing a puppy playpen is a big decision and can make a huge difference to you and your puppy. You need to be clear on what you want your new pen to do and where you are going to use it. Will you need to move the pen often, or will it be in one place? Is your puppy likely to be boisterous or quiet - or somewhere in between? Is the weight of the playpen important? Is the cost of the playpen important?
Below are a few pointers which may make your choice easier.

The Crufts Freedom Puppypen.

This is perhaps our best selling playpen, and has been an absolute favourite of top breeders and dog owners since we first introduced the concept of a strong tubular pen to the world market. The Crufts playpen needs no tools to erect, the door is easily removable, and incorporates a slide-in half panel which makes entry for humans and adult dogs easier whilst keeping the puppies safe.
What stands out with this range of puppy pens, besides the prestigious Crufts brand, is the quality of build, the unique patent protected square corner pins which add stability, and the option to quickly extend. The standard playpen has a plastic base floor tray and is available in two heights so see our size finder to discover the popular size for your breed.
Also check out the 'Super Saver' and 'Double up and Save' options both of which are really good offers, together with the available accessories such as cloth mesh tops, base cushions, Vetbed, feeding bowls and much more.

Ready made Puppy Pens.

A very popular choice and one which will please regardless of the model chosen, The sets fall into two basic groups :-
The Alpine puppy pen is often referred to as an exercise pen and is available in black or white in a range of heights. It consists of 8 panels, including an entry door, which are hinged to form an octagonal pen which can easily be folded away or carried out for use in the garden during those hot summer days (if they exist!)
The Concept range are sets of wire mesh panels which hook together. The options here are the C4 model, which is made up of 4 plain panels to form a very simple pen; the C5 which is a 4 sided hook together pen incorporating 2 entrance doors and a very handy base floor tray, and the C6 which is 6 mesh panels, including one door, which attach to each other using metal poles. All are finished in a very attractive black'n'silver hammered finish.
These sets of pens and playpens are among our most popular, being lightweight and easy to use.

Pens by the panel.

This unique design incorporates welded mesh panels set inside a stronger wire frame which clip together to form whatever size you need. Available with or without door panels, there are 3 height and 3 lengths so the possibilities are almost endless, with the pen easily breaking down into individual panels for easy storage. Lightweight, they are very popular with breeders, caravanners and around the home. Free plastic linking clips are supplied with each panel with an option for linking steel connectors.
This range is currently discontinued, but a few sizes are still available - check them out!.

Outdoor galvanised dog and puppy runs.

Tough and totally weatherproof, this design of galvanised outdoor play pens is equally popular for use with adult dogs and puppies. It is called our 'Discovery' range as it was first designed at the request of The Kennel Club for use in their Discover Dogs show. Their original panels, although about 20 years old, are still in use at the show and also at Crufts.
All panels incorporate a strong square tube frame with an infill of welded mesh. Dog doors may be purchased and the whole range is available in two heights. Sold by the panel (either plain or gated) the system simply hooks together to give a quick dog run which is equally suitable for puppies, toy dogs and all breeds up to the largest. Also available for those who need it are 6ft high bolt together panels (see our dog run section).