Johnson's Puppy Pads to help with house training

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Toilet train your puppy efficiently with these HouseTraining Puppy Pads.

They make toilet training so much easier!

Super absorbent,they lock in moisture and odours.

Helps to protect your floor.

Keeps paws and floors clean and dry.

Size of pad approx. 24ins x 18ins (60 x 45cm)

These work really well when placed to one side inside a puppy pen. The puppy can relieve itself, yet sleep in the other side. This teaches your puppy that there are 'special' places to go to the toilet.

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Help with house training your puppy.

  1. At first it is helpful to confine a new puppy to a cage, playpen or similar area (there's lots to choose from on this site!).
  2. Place the training pad inside the crate or training area - white tissue up, plastic down.
  3. Try to anticipate when your puppy will need to relieve itself - it may be restless, start sniffing, circling or squatting - and place the puppy on the pad regularly.
  4. Choose a word or command which you can associate with toilet training, and reward or praise the puppy each time it uses the pad properly.
  5. If your puppy relieves itself somewhere else, don't get cross, just bring it back to the pad, and use the special training word.
  6. When your puppy uses the pad correctly, and it is old enough to go outside, then move the pad ever closer to the door, and eventually outside. Hopefully your toilet training days will be over!
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