Puppy Food and Diet is too important to be left to chance.


The first food your puppy will get is its mother's milk, but your breeder will have weaned your puppy onto other foods before you collect it.

If you wish to change the food  originally chosen by your breeder, it is advisable to change the food gradually from the breeder's current selection by mixing a little of the current food in with the food you want to use. In this way tummy upsets are often avoided, and your puppy is constantly receiving the nourishment it needs. 

To see on our recommended guidelines for puppy feeding throughout its puppy life, check out our section on Natural Dog food to the left of this article..

You may want to spoil your puppy by cooking for it yourself - scrambled eggs and the like - but this is rarely advisable as it is difficult to include all the ingredients necessary for healthy growth and development. You are almost certain to be better off choosing from a tried and tested commercial product. But which one?

You can choose from dry foods or semi-moist (tinned) food which may or may not be served with a biscuit mixer.

Here at Croft we recommend that you choose a dry food containing 100% of the goodness necessary to bring up your puppy.

The food should be natural and holistic, and after much research we have selected Golden Eagle Holistic Health, Symply and Canagan foods. These are among the healthiest dog foods in the world, and your puppy can progress from puppy to adult food easily.

Starting early with a good quality food will benefit your puppy throughout its life.

A puppy's appetite varies enormously with some puppies eating little, and others eating everything in sight. Guard against over-feeding, and see your vet if you are straying too far away from the recommended quantities.

See the best in natural puppy food.

All information on this site is given in good faith, but should never be taken as final authorative advice. In all cases of doubt or query you are strongly advised to check the position with an expert - and your vet is the person to see first.