Dog run panels and outdoor play runs. Strong heavy duty galvanised pens made to last!

dog runs and dog run panels for outdoor use . Outdoor galvanised puppy runs and play pens

Enjoy the outdoors with high quality slot together pens and dog run panels.

Many believe these dog run panels are the best available within the UK!
Buy by the panel to make your own good sized dog pen. Strong, heavy duty and galvanised to be weatherproof.

On all Croft dog runs we aim to offer the range from stock but because of demand this is not always possible, and you should allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. If you need the panels quicker than that, please contact us by e mail or phone - if we can help, then we will.
Croft dog runs are galvanised to give a maintenance-free finish, and may safely be used in a permanent outdoor position.
There are basically two types of dog run panel:-
Full height panels measuring 6ft (1.828m) high, and
Lower height panels (The Discovery range) measuring either 3ft or 4ft high.
The full height panels bolt together, and 3 bolts per panel are supplied as standard, whilst the lower height panels hook together - no tools needed.

Full height kennel runs.

The Croft dog run system is based on a range of sturdy, well designed panels delivered in flat pack form which easily bolt together to give a dog run tailor made to your needs, with manufacture controlled to the highest standards.
All mesh is fully welded at each intersection to give a rigid screen enclosed by a 25mm (1") square (1") tube.
Each panel has a horizontal supporting tubular brace, and panels over 1.2m (4ft) have a central vertical support. This two way support is rarely found in other brands, but is absolutely essential in a quality product, and gives the Croft dog run system a real advantage.
The welded mesh is manufactured from strong 4mm diameter wire with a mesh square of 50mm x 50mm (2" x 2")

Each panel is easily bolted to any other - all end verticals are drilled in two directions to give complete versatility allowing you to adapt the system to changing circumstances.
The Croft dog run door panels are especially robust and of unique design. Totally enclosed in a square tube frame, all door panels bolt easily into the standard panel system. The hinges are very robust and are designed to give a good fit even after many years of use. The doors are made secure by a strong yet simple shoot bolt, firmly welded into place.
All dog run panels are hot dipped galvanised (immersed in a vat of molten zinc) to give a maintenance-free finish. This is done after manufacture to ensure that all welds and fitting points are fully protected against the weather.

Lower height panels - the 'Discovery' range

This hot dipped galvanised range of mesh panels is designed and manufactured for use outdoors to give an adaptable dog run or play area.
They are tough, weatherproof and versatile so that almost any combination of panels may be used - they simply hook together.
Because of this they are easy to store.
The panels are available in two heights - 37ins (0.94m) and 49ins (1.24m) and two lengths - 48ins (1.22m) and 72ins (1.83m) The longer panels have a vertical strengthener at mid point.
The panels may be plain, or fitted with a central door with a step-over threshold.
All mesh is fully welded at each intersection to give a rigid screen enclosed by a 25mm (1") square tube. The mesh square is 50mm x 50mm (2") and the mesh is manufactured from 3mm dia. wire.
It is possible to buy fixing connectors which allow the run to be bolted to a wall, or allow two gate panels to share a common divider - thus saving money.