Non Spill Road Refresher water bowls. Choice of colours and sizes.

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Especially good for puppies or messy drinkers!   No more spills or wet floors!
Ideal for travel and home use, this (as seen on TV) non-spill water bowl not only protects your car or carpet, but also reduces slobber and dripping whiskers by up to 90%.
This travel bowl is an entirely new concept in keeping you and your dog happy when on the move, or can equally protect your home from spilled water.
Manufactured in 3 parts, it is filled by removing the top lids, filling with water, and replacing the lid. The central holed part then "floats" on the water, thus stopping any waves and unwanted spills.
It really does work!
Sizes :- Small - 19cm dia (app. 6 ins)

              Large - 24cm dia (app. 9 ins)

CHOICE OF COLOUR - PINK, BLUE, OR NEUTRAL (further details below)

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Small Blue Road Refresher Bowl
Large Blue Road Refresher Bowl
Small Pink Road Refresher Bowl
Large Pink Road Refresher Bowl
Small Cream Road Refresher Bowl
Large Grey Road Refresher Bowl

The Road Refresher is an ingenious non-spill pet bowl that eliminates spills and reduces your pet's slobber by up to 90%.

Ideal for the home and all forms of travel.  

For The Home - Road Refresher stops spills from accidental kicks, this non spill pet travel bowl also keeps long ears and beards out of the water. The Road Refresher non spill pet travel bowl encourages tidy drinking as it limits the amount of water your dog can pick up at any one time.

The clever design will keep long ears and beards out of the water.

The Road Refresher reduces your pet's slobber by 90%.

On The Move - Road Refresher non spill pet travel bowl can be filled with water and then safely left within a car so your pet has access to fresh water whenever he wants, yet none will spill.

With The Road Refresher pet travel bowl your dog can arrive healthy and refreshed wherever you go.

How It Works - Road Refresher has a floating plate inside which feeds enough water through for your dog to drink at all times, yet immediately restricts the flow whenever there is a surge of water from cornering, braking, kicking and so on.

Road Refresher has a Velcro base so fixes carpets, and additional safe fixing pads for fixing the water bowl to most other surfaces.

Made from heat resistant, toughened polypropylene, the Road Refresher is easily taken apart for cleaning and then clicks back together again.

Large bowl dimensions  - Holds 1.4litres (54fl.oz) - Suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds - Diameter of base 242mm x height 102mm. The diameter of drinking hole 120mm - your dog will think he is drinking from his favourite dog bowl so no extra training required.

Small bowl dimensions  - 190mm x 78mm high and 92mm drinking hole. Volume 0.6 Litres.

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