Newfoundland (Newfie) - Popular size of strong dog crates, playpens and beds.

Newfoundland (Newfie) - Popular size of strong dog crates, playpens and beds.

Find which size of dog crate, dog cage, pen and bed you need for a Newfoundland dog. (a Newfie)

Our biggest crates are 54ins, 60ins and 72ins. All have heavy duty strong additional bars.

Please follow the links below to see the popular sizes for your breed.
These are based on our experience over many years, but sizes do vary within any breed. When selecting a crate, the dog should be able to stand erect without needing to bend its legs. The minimum height for the breed should therefore be taken to be the height to the withers. Please check this if you are in any doubt.
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Typical breeds which would use this size are shown below for comparison.:-
(Please note that the height to the withers is important, as this is the minimum height required for a crate. It is also important in determining which puppy pen and bed to buy as it is the height to the shoulder with straight legs.)

  Height to withers (ins)
  Dog Bitch
Anatolian Shepherd 29/32ins (74 -82cm) 28/31ins (71 -79cm)
Bernese Mountain Dog 25/28ins (64-70cm) 23/26ins (58-66cm)
Great Dane 30/32ins (76 -82cm) 28/30ins (71-76cm)
Irish Wolfhound 31/33ins (79-84cm) 28/30ins (71-76cm)
Turkish Kangal 29/32ins (74-82cm) 26/31ins (66-79cm)
Mastiff 30/31ins (76-79cm) 27/29ins (69-74cm)
Neopolitan Mastiff 26/29ins (65-75cm) 26/29ins (65-75cm)
Newfoundland 28/29ins (71-74cm) 26/27ins (66-69cm)
St. Bernard 32/36ins (82-91cm) 31/35ins (79-89cm)
Tibetan Mastiff 26/27ins (66-69cm) 24/25ins (61-64cm)