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Maidstone stands on the River Medway which links it with Rochester and the Thames Estuary.
The current boundaries now incorporate a number of outlying villages and settlements, most of which are connected by, or near to, water. Mill ponds on the rivers are a therefore a prominent feature.
This makes it a great area to walk a dog.
A recent survey of dogs tagged shows that the most popular breed in the Maidstone area is the Labrador Retriever, followed by the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier.
Other popular breeds are the Cocker Spaniel, and English Springer Spaniel.
This local breed popularity can be compared with the national trend by scrolling down to see the 20 most tagged breeds in the UK.
Dog crates , cages and puppy pens in Maidstone, Kent
Maidstone is home to many ardent dog owners, with many different needs.
Indeed, there are so many different places to live with your dog, and there are so many different breeds, it is important that you find the correct breed, and then find the correct size of crate, cage or playpen.
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The BBC have analysed the breeds tagged most frequently by Petlog and Animalcare across whole of the UK in past decade.
The ‘top twenty’ results are below.
(cross breeds were not included in the survey)

1.         Labrador Retriever

2.         Jack Russell Terrier

3.         Staffordshire Bull Terrier

4.         Border Collie

5.         Cocker Spaniel

6.         English Springer Spaniel

7.         German Shepherd

8.         Yorkshire Terrier

9.         Shih Tzu

10.       Cavalier King Charles

11.       West Highland White Terrier

12.       Golden Retriever

13.       Boxer

14.       Border Terrier

15.       Rottweiler

16.       Chihuahua

17.       Lhasa Apso

18.       Bichon Frise

19.       Lurcher

20.       Greyhound


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