Gated Galvanised Dog Run Panel. Widths from 2.4m to 2.7m

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An all mesh panel which includes a full 900mm(3ft) gate on right of panel - opening inwards.
Measures 1.83m high (approx 6ft). Note central support.
Mesh infill 50mm(2ins) square, made from tough 4mm dia. wire.
Strong 25mm square tube framework.
Note the EXTRA tubular supports on the horizontals and verticals. These are not often found on this size of panel, and gives our product a definite long-life advantage.
End bars are drilled for 2 way fixing.
HOT DIPPED GALVANISED for maintenance-free outdoor use.

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2.4m gate for dog run.
2.7m gate for dog run.

Croft dog runs are galvanised to give a maintenance-free finish, and may safely be used in a permanent outdoor position.

The Croft dog run system is based on a range of sturdy, well designed panels delivered in flat pack form which easily bolt together to give a dog run tailor made to your needs, with manufacture controlled to the highest standards.
All mesh is fully welded at each intersection to give a rigid screen enclosed by a 25mm (1") square (1") tube.
Each panel has a horizontal supporting tubular brace, and panels over 1.2m (4ft) have a central vertical support. This two way support is rarely found in other brands, but is absolutely essential in a quality product, and gives the Croft dog run system a real advantage.
The welded mesh is manufactured from strong 4mm diameter wire with a mesh square of 50mm x 50mm (2" x 2")

Each panel is easily bolted to any other - all end verticals are drilled in two directions to give complete versatility allowing you to adapt the system to changing circumstances.
The Croft dog run door panels are especially robust and of unique design. Totally enclosed in a square tube frame, all door panels bolt easily into the standard panel system. The hinges are very robust and are designed to give a good fit even after many years of use. The doors are made secure by a strong yet simple shoot bolt, firmly welded into place.
All dog run panels are hot dipped galvanised (immersed in a vat of molten zinc) to give a maintenance-free finish. This is done after manufacture to ensure that all welds and fitting points are fully protected against the weather.

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