Tray Joiner for extended Freedom Pen

Joining bar for Freedom pens.
This easy to fit (no tools needed) strip is designed to bridge the gap between the trays when extra panels are fitted to your Freedom pen. You will need also to buy a second tray as you extend the pen.
This optional extra can be used with either pen height when used in conjunction with 31" extra panels to ensure that there is no space to trap those puppy paws.
The joiner is approx 49" long - i.e. the same width as the standard door panel.
The finished pen using this joiner will have a 49ins door front with 2 panels each 31 ins behind to give a total pen size of approx 49" wide (door panel) by (2 x 31") long.
If you need a door in a shorter panel, it is possible to buy extra 31" panel sets made up of one door panel and one plain panel.

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Tray Joiner for extended Feedom Play Pen
Spare Plastic Tray for Crufts Freedom Puppy Pen
Double sized Freedom 700 - extra sides with gate, tray and joiner -save money - see below
Special Price £246.00 Regular Price £246.50
Double Size Freedom 900 -extra plain sides, tray and joiner -save money - see below
Special Price £280.00 Regular Price £301.50
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Tray joiner for double freedom pen
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