It's that frightening time of year!

Halloween and Bonfire Night can be a NIGHTMARE for dogs!

Here are a few pointers which may help.

Start early. If you know your dog or puppy is likely to be frightened, then it is never too soon to take precautions.
Is your food the best to combat stress?
If you are unsure, then read our article HERE to see some easy to follow recommendations.
Visit your Vet and ask for soothing and calming tablets, or checkout the Dorwest Herbs website for food additives (Dorwest also have a telephone help line).

If your dog or puppy gets distressed then it will want to go somewhere where it feels safe and secure.
Either an indoor wire dog crate covered with a towel or purpose made crate cover, or a soft fabric dog crate are ideal alternatives to hiding under a table.
Each helps the dog's natural den instinct by providing an enclosed den which protects and has lasting use. Click HERE for details.
And don't forget the bed. An extra comfortable bed is always a good idea to provide a relaxing environment. Look at the Snugglebags / Terrier Tunnels which give almost all round protection and which are available in sizes for small - medium sized dogs.
Or check out our range of super luxury tweed beds which will help in the stressful times as well as giving year round comfort.
Keeping your dog warm and comfortable in a familiar environment is always important, but especially so when fireworks are exploding, or trick or treat seems never to be away from your doorstep!

Loud bangs and screaming fireworks can be unsettling for humans, let alone dogs and puppies!
Keep your pet indoors wherever possible, and close any doors, pet flaps or windows to stop your dog from fleeing if severely spooked.
Close the curtains or blinds to take away the severity of the flashes and bright lights.
Make sure there is calming music available and playing throughout the night. There are many CDs with calm music, or you may want to choose a radio station which promotes calm - we have found that Classic FM is usually really good for that (other radio stations are available etc)
We hope that these few simple tips will be of some help and that the links below will guide you to some reliable, recommended products.