DOGWALK lightweight aluminium dog ramp.

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Triple telescoping dog ramp.
This lightweight ramp is the best we have ever seen!
It is not cheap, so it has to be good, and it is!

It is ideal for the older or less mobile dog whose jumping days are behind them, and for the owner who finds it difficult to lift.
Although it only weighs 5.5kg., it can take a dog weighing 85kg.
Ramp width :- 41cm ( 16 inches)
Ramp fully extended length :- 163cm (64 inches.)
Folded length :- 73cm (29 inches)
This dog ramp is really easy to use, with protected ends to take care of your car.
It can be easily secured in seconds by strapping to the boot closure bracket.
The surface is anti slip, and tough!

See 'read more' for training and safety tips.
The photos opposite show you how good this ramp is!

Safety Notes.

Walking on a dog ramp is very unusual for most dogs, especially at the beginning, so care must be taken - especially in the case of injuries, illness or in old age.
Training your dog is recommended to minimise unsafe reactions and refusal. Never force your dog, but encourage with special treats. It won't take long.

We recommend the following training procedure.

1. Lay the extended ramp on the floor and let your dog walk slowly over it several times so that your dog gets used to it and walks on it alone.
2. Increase the inclination (slope) slowly and practice your dog in walking along the ramp. Make sure your dog does not jump or slip off the sides.
3. The surface of the ramp is tough with cavities and cross strips, but still may become slippery when wet, so always take special care in the rain.

Caring for your ramp

Keep the ramp clean and free from gritty dirt by washing in neutral soapy water, then rinsing off.
Occasional use of a lubricant on the slide rails with WD 40 may be beneficial.

More Information
Approx product weight. (kg)

weight of ramp = 5.5kg

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