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Dog crates? Dog Cages? Puppy playpens? Dog carriers? How do I choose?

As dog crates become more and more popular, and even more owners are using playpens, choosing the right one for you can present a problem. The choice starts with deciding what do you actually want it for? Is it for training, travel, night-time, staying away from home, containment, toilet training or a bit of each? Are you going to use it in the home, or only when travelling? Is weight more important, or is strength the thing you have in mind? We hope these notes will help you decide, but if you want personalised advice, please use the 'contact us' link on the left hand menu of this site. We will be pleased to help.

Dog crates and cages.

There is no difference between a crate and a cage - it is only a matter of terminology - but there is a difference between soft crates and wire crates. Soft dog crates, as the name implies, have soft walls of cloth with window and door covers. They are available with either a tube frame - which is stronger - or a wire frame - which is lighter. Wire crates are made of welded wire mesh and give great strength and ventilation. You can compare dog crates here. 
All dogs have an instinct for going to their den, or safe place, and this is how a dog sees it's crate. It is a place of refuge. All negative thoughts are those of humans, not dogs, and after a sort period of dog crate training  all is usually well. The important thing is to decide on which size of crate is best for your breed and how you want to use the crate. A guide to dog crate sizes is easily available on this site. You then can choose if you want a soft crate (with cloth walls), a lightweight crate which is available in a choice of colours, or a heavier crate which can have either a plastic or steel floor base tray. The choice is wide, and crates are available in all sizes - small, medium, large, extra large and giant. Croft offer the biggest size range available within the UK, so you are certain to see the size you need.
If you are still unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice. You can do this by e mail or by phone. We are always pleased to hear from you.

Puppy pens and Play pens for dogs.

Virtually all top breeders recommend and use a form of pen for their puppies. Many continue to use the play pen when the puppies have gone and the mum wants a bit of space she can call her own.
Again, the choice can be bewildering and so we have tried to simplify it on our compare puppy pens page where you can see what is available. You can choose from complete puppy pen sets such as the Crufts Freedom heavy duty puppy playpen with a base floor tray, lighter weight sets of playpen with or without a tray, and you can even buy your pen by the panel and design the size and shape yourself. When you read our page you will probably quickly find what you are looking for! We even supply heavy duty outdoor playpens and a good range of galvanised dog run panels to complete your options. Click here for more details of our outdoor range.

Accessories such as bowls, crate bedding and dog crate covers.

When you have made your choice you may want to include that extra bit of luxury such as a made-to-measure crate cushion or mat, a piece of Vetbed veterinary bedding, a crate cover or a dog bed to use alongside your crate or pen. You will find them all on this site, and many options on this very page - so enjoy your shopping and enjoy your dog!