Dog Crates and cages by size - small to large to heavy duty giant XXL

dog crates by size. Small Medium and large for every breed

Dog crates listed by size - small, medium, large, XL, XXL and even XXXL dog crates and cages.

Our smallest crate size is 21 inches, and our biggest dog crate is a heavy duty reinforced 72 inches with a good range of sizes in between. Soft and wire crates handily grouped by size.

Dog crate sizes - how do you find what you need?

Getting the right size of crate is of crucial importance and we are often asked some or all of the following....
What size of crate for my breed?
How big should your dog crate be?
What is the size of a small / medium / large dog crate?
What size crate and which size is best?
How do I measure my dog for a crate?
What size of bed should I get?
Can you please help me?
Well, here at Croft we have every size anyone could need from small, to extra large to absolute giant! For specific breed sizes please follow the link above (with the question marks) or if you want personal specific advice please contact us by e mail or telephone by using the 'contact us' link on the left hand menu.
We are here to help.