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Does a dog or puppy need training to go to bed?

No matter how comfortable or attractive the bed may be, your dog may need a little encouragement to recognise it for what it is. Properly introducing him to the new bed is the key. As we mentioned above, dogs are naturally a den animal, so there is no doubt they will enjoy the experience, but they may take a little convincing that this luxury is for them!
‘Positive Training’ helps here, so get into a routine – especially at night – and encourage bedtime by a command such as “To your Bed” and perhaps reinforcing this with a small treat of a doggy chocolate drop or two plus a cuddle and stroke.(remember DO NOT feed human chocolate to your dog)
If he gets up from the bed as you leave the room, use the “stay” command. It is important that your dog has a good night’s rest in a comfortable bed, and that he knows where he should be during the night. It may take a little time, but you will both benefit.

How often should you wash your dog's bed?

As with many things – moderation is the key.
The bed obviously should not be filthy, but it is important that it smells right to your dog, and he can recognise that smell as his own. So don’t over-do it, sit back and enjoy your leisure time together.