Crufts Official Dog Crates, Cages and Freedom Puppy Playpens

Crufts Kennel Club official dog crates, cages and puppy play pens

Choose from our exclusive range of dog crates, cages, soft crates, and puppy play pens, all of which are licenced by The Kennel Club.

Why choose Crufts?

Crufts Dog Show ("the greatest dog show on earth") is part of The Kennel Club and is a prestigious worldwide brand epitomising quality, so when you see Crufts branding on a product you know that you are on to something special.
Croft have been granted the exclusive licence to supply Crufts dog crates, puppy play pens and soft crates based upon our quality and reputation, giving you the confidence to trust the product you buy. Below is a very brief summary of each product to help you in your choice.

Crufts Dog Crates and Cages.

The Crufts range is very comprehensive with sizes of 24 ins all the way up to 48 ins, so almost every breed of dog is catered for. (See the size guide at the foot of this article)
All are made from tough steel welded wire mesh which has an attractive resilient hammered coating in silver and black, and all include a strong plastic base tray. Each Crufts dog crate is fitted with two doors - one in the short end and one in the long side - and all easily fold with no tools necessary. All hinge clips are strong, as are the locators on the crate sides. Every crate carries the distinctive Crufts logo.
There are a wide variety of accessories available including crate covers, cut-to-size Vetbed, luxury and feeding / water bowls. To help you save money we have put together 'Super Saver' packs which include the most popular accessories. See each product detail for further information.

Crufts Soft Dog Crates.

A Crufts soft crate has a steel tubular framework and cloth sides / top, and are available in a range of sizes up to XL. The entrance doors are zipped and include a roll up / roll down cover which gives you the option of choosing the level of privacy. Folding is easy and can be done quickly without tools. The colours chosen reflect the superior Crufts brand, and all carry a woven Crufts logo. However, Crufts soft crates have that little bit extra as you would expect. Each is supplied with a handy carry bag for storage, plus a small storage pouch on the top which houses two folding bowls - one for food and one for water - making it great to transport. Also included is a pair of crate locators - small straps which can be used to secure it in a vehicle or on a show bench. Also, of interest to those who attend dog shows, there is a D loop to secure identification as required by Kennel Club rules. This crate has everything!

Crufts 'Freedom' Puppy Playpen.

This is a tough, heavy duty playpen manufactured in two heights using a square tube steel framework and a mesh infill. All Freedom puppy pens are supplied with a tough plastic base floor tray which fits snugly inside the pen. The door is easily removable, and includes a slide-out half panel which allows humans or adult dogs easy access whilst keeping the puppies safe. An exclusive patent protected feature of the Crufts pen is that the corner pins are square, so preventing the pen from collapsing in on itself - which is a danger when round pins or slot-in posts are used.
Freedom playpens can be easily extended with the purchase of extra panels and base trays. There is also available a joining bridge which solves the problem of a gap between two trays and greatly adds to the larger pen's stability. If purchased at the same time as the original pen, great savings can be made - see product page for more information.
And, of course, 'Super Savers' are available which include the most popular accessories at a discounted price.