Dog Crate Covers - fabric and Heat Resistant

Two types of crate cover for dog crates and cages.

Keep your dog warm and dry - or cool in the sun!
Loved by animal behaviourists. 

Dog Crate Covers are about more than covering a crate!

Of course a cover does protect the dog from the elements, but it also gives privacy, enhances the 'den' effect, and can be a good help in combating car sickness or unwanted behaviour. See below for more.

Protection from the weather.

If your crate is used outdoors, such as when you attend a dog show or exhibition or when you are caravanning or camping, then there will be times when the weather gets in the way! Be the weather good or bad, your dog can still suffer. This is the original problem solved by the use of a crate cover. There are two types of cover available, a heavier duty cloth cover and a lightweight version specifically designed for use in the sun. Each offers shade, but each does a different job.
The heavy duty cloth version is showerproof when closed and gives many use options. The Croft crate cover fits over the crate and is secured by Velcro. The sides and front are fitted with a roll-up mesh door to ensure good ventilation. Over that is a second roll-up flap which encloses the door completely and is useful when the wind, rain or sun is coming from one direction. It is not, however, recommended that all four sides be closed at the same time as the dog has to breathe!
However, when protection is only needed from the sun, then perhaps you should consider our heat reflective option. This cover is much lighter that the cloth version and most importantly is made using heat reflective silver coloured material to keep the inside of the crate much cooler. The doors may be rolled up as in the cloth cover. A very popular choice during the hot summer months - whenever they are!

Unwanted behaviour.

Most animal behaviourists and dog experts agree that a dog crate offers security to the dog. It helps to bring out the natural instinct to prefer a den, bolt hole, lair or burrow. It therefore helps to make the dog feel safe and secure. It is a preferred place of your dog.
If you experience unwanted behaviour from your dog in the form of aggression to yourself, family or visitors, destructive behaviour, or urination and defecation problems, then the crate should not be simply used as a punishment area but should be included in a behavioural improvement programme. This is most easily done by enhancing the den qualities of the crate by the addition of a dog crate cover to give an enclosed privacy and so help eliminate distractions. A well designed crate cover, such as those designed by Croft, will incorporate many options during use. The sides can be open, partially open, or closed - or indeed any combination of those as each side of the cover can be opened or closed at will.
Over time, and with encouragement, it is usually found that the dog becomes less nervous and loves the crate even more. As this happens aggressive behaviour reduces to to the benefit of all.
And, of course, you can still use the cover as a shelter from the weather!

Using a crate cover when travelling.

Just like humans, some dogs are simply bad travellers. They can feel car sick. They can feel distressed. And just like humans during car travel these symptoms can be exaggerated by motion sickness made worse by the seeing the world flashing past the window. Of course you can use medication, but why not also think about eliminating many of the problems at source by covering the crate with a well designed crate cover? In our experience this is often all that is needed; the dog can relax in its den and be safe from the unwelcome visual movement. As your dog becomes more tolerant of travel, the sides of the crate can be raised gradually as part of a travel training programme.
Try it - you may be surprised!