Compare Puppy Pens before you buy.

Compare the different puppy pens.
Find the best playpen for your new puppy.

Finding the correct puppy pen can be difficult. There are a wide variety of puppy play pens and puppy play areas. Each puppy pen type has its own advantages.
A brief description of Croft and Crufts puppy play pen is below, so that you can easily compare which pen is the best for your puppies.
And remember, mums and mums-to-be all need a safe place to go, and this is where a puppy pen really comes into its own.
Browse the choices below for the best pen for your needs.

Showman puppy pens.

are the original range of puppy pens, and are sold by the panel.
This is basically a puppy pen made up to the size you need from a variety of single puppy panels, giving the ultimate in the variety of sizes and shapes of puppy exercise pens.
They are available in 3 heights, 22ins, 29ins, and 35 ins., and in several lengths. Panels may be plain or gated - there are two styles of gate available.
You just buy by the panel and make your own size of pen - the ultimate in versatility!
You can even incorporate a roof!

The Crufts Freedom range of puppy pens

has been described as the NEXT GENERATION OF PUPPY PENS
Manufactured with a square tubular framework, this very attractive pen has an unusual powder - coated finish in a colour of antique black'n'silver. The tubular design makes it very stable and strong whilst never looking out of place in the home.
Each pen includes an internal plastic base tray, and comes with a lift-off door and a removeable half height panel. This panel is especially useful in controlling the pups whilst allowing easier access for the mother - or indeed yourself.
The Freedom play pen simply hooks together - no tools needed - and can be easily extended by the addition of extra panels.
Various options are available on the site offering a standard pen, or added panels, or a double sized pen and also a 'super saver' which is very popular.
A vetbed is also available as an extra to give that added comfort and hygiene.
This puppy pen has been a best seller since its introduction and has its design protected by the patent office.

The Concept Puppy Pens

are a range of 3 sizes of puppy pens finished in a silver / black hammertone finish. All have an attractive looped top and are easily assembled without tools.
The C6 pen is a 6 panel set incorporating a door and 5 plain panels. it is secured at the corners by a drop-in bar which can be used to push into the lawn to prevent unwanted movement.
The C5 has many exciting innovations. The pen consists of 4 sides, two of which are fitted with a door for maximum flexibility. The panels simply hook together with a secure hook'n'eye system. The whole pen then fits snugly INSIDE a plastic base tray which catches all unwanted spills / waste etc, as well as greatly adding to the security of the whole pen.
As if that were not enough, a wire mesh floor can be added as an extra to keep those precious pups and mother above the wet base. A vetbed can be put over the wire floor for added comfort and hygiene.
The C4 puppy pen is simplicity itself in that it consists of 4 plain panels, fastened together by the hook'n'eye fixings at each corner. Economical. lightweight and easily moved, this puppy pen is very popular indeed.

The Alpine Extra Value Puppy Pens

is a VERY useful and economical addition to our range.The Alpine range is available in heights from 24ins (60cm) to 42ins (107cm), each Alpine puppy pen is made from 8 panels,(7 plain panels plus one gated panel), each approx 24ins (60cm) wide, and securely hinged at each joint.
This OCTOPEN then simple folds or unfolds in seconds.
Available in black or white powder coating, it is a very attractive and useful play pen

The DISCOVERY range of outdoor play pens

are a slot together panel system, galvanised after manufacture, to give a rugged outdoor puppy or dog pen suitable for any weather.
Available by the panel, or in recommended sets, the "Discovery" system is very popular, and is available in two heights and lengths. Almost any number of panels can be joined together to form the garden pen that suits your needs.
As with most products within the Croft range, it is usually available ex stock!