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Dog Run Panels - what you need to know.

What to look for.   All panels should meet the basic requirements of strength and durability. Croft have been a foremost manufacturer of dog runs and dog run panels for almost 40 years, and our dog runs are considered by many to be the very best available. Every panel is surrounded by a strong square metal tube (nothing unusual there) with the added advantage of central vertical and horizontal supports at the necessary spacing, with welding to a very high standard. These extra supports are absolutely necessary in a quality product so those who offer much cheaper products with just an outer frame or a simple horizontal support do not, in our view, 'cut the mustard.' Our welded mesh is sourced in the UK so the quality is assured. A tough 4mm wire mesh is used for the kennel run panels of 6ft height, with the lighter 3mm wire used for the lower height slot together playpens. All Croft dog doors are well designed and secure.
A superior standard of galvanising is necessary to ensure a long life, and Croft panels are galvanised to the appropriate British Standard - ISO1461. Hot dip galvanising is the immersion of the dog run panels in a vat of molten zinc and this process gives great protection against the weather and the challenges made by use with dogs. Equally important to the weight of zinc added is the avoidance of sharp spikes and edges which can cause injury, and Croft panels are processed with a trade secret which absolutely minimises this danger.
We are firmly of the belief that Croft dog run panels are the best available - by a long way!

'Discovery' outdoor pens.

Originally designed for Kennel Club use at Discover Dogs, this is a slot-together system of galvanised panels which make an outdoor play area or dog run. Panels may include a dog gate, or may be plain, and any number of panels can be hooked together to form the pen of your choice. There are 2 heights available, 3ft or 4ft, and there are various panel lengths, so adding to the versatility of the system. When not in use the panels are easily dismantled (no tools) for storage. A proven favourite among professionals and public.

Full height dog run panels.

A bolt together system often used in professional boarding kennels, but equally popular with the domestic dog owner who needs a secure dog run. They can be bolted easily to a wall or an outdoor kennel. As described above, these galvanised panels have extra tube supports and use a strong welded mesh infill. The basic system is 6ft (1.8m) high and is available in many stock widths. It is often possible for us to manufacture non standard widths - please ask for details of prices and delivery periods.
All end uprights are pre drilled in two directions to add to the versatility of the system, and panels are available with or without a dog door. This is a top of the range weatherproof system of dog run panels popular for almost 40 years.