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Dog crates: The Showman range.

are the dog crates for which Croft originally became famous.
They are coated in an attractive black and silver hammered finish, and are manufactured from 3mm dia. wire with a 3ins x 1 ins spacing.
They are generally available with an inclusive steel tray, although sizes 54ES,60ES, and 72ES are supplied with a flat plastic sheet as a base.
All sizes fold flat when not in use.
Showman crates are available with either a single door in the short end or in the long side, or may also have TWO doors (extra cost).

Crufts (Kennel Club) approved dog crates.

all have TWO DOORS as standard and fold flat when not in use.
These dog crates are lighter in weight than the Showman crate, primarily because they have a plastic base tray, rather than the steel tray in the Showman - so it does depend in whether your dog is likely to chew the tray as to which is best for you.
The Crufts cages are Kennel Club approved, and all carry the impressive Crufts Dog show logo on each door.
The wire used is heavier than the Showman, but the spacing is larger.
All Crufts cages are finished in a tough hammered silver and black coating.

Alpine extra value dog crates.

is a very popular and lightweight two door dog cage, giving exceptional value for money.
This range of dog crates is a proven best-seller, gaining its popularity by giving excellent quality at a low price. Great value.
Lightweight in structure, Alpine crates include a lighter plastic base tray and are manufactured from wires of a smaller diameter than the alternative crate designs.
All Alpine crates are finished in an attractive black epoxy coating and fold flat when not in use.
If your dog is likely to get restless, then the Alpine may not be for you, but if you have a crate trained dog who readily accepts a crate as his home, then the very low price of the Alpine range MUST be as attractive as the dog crate itself.
You can easily see all the different sizes of dog crates - small, medium and large, by visiting our home page.

Compare soft dog crates.

Soft crates have fabric outer walls supported by a steel framework. They are generally only recommended for crate trained dogs which do not chew or bite their surroundings. It is suggested that puppies - who do bite and chew - are first homed in a wire crate or pen, graduating to a soft crate as the chewing stage ends.
Scroll down to see the different styles of soft dog crate from Croft.

Crufts Official Soft Crates.

An exciting range of soft crate bearing the 'Crufts' logo.
The special features with this crate include a top zipped pouch containing foldaway food and water bowls and security straps to be used for attaching the crate to a car boot harness or show bench. They also have a front 'D' ring on which may be used to clip an identification label.
As you would expect, these unique crates fulfill The Kennel Club requirements regarding benching at championship shows.
Complete with a free carry bag, the crates incorporate a strong tubular framework which is really easy to erect.

Croft Classic Soft Crates.

The Classic is available in either black and beige or red and beige, .
The size range is identical, and each are supplied with a free carry bag.
The internal framework is manufactured from strong tubular steel, with an easy to erect design.

Croft Fabrikennel Soft Crates.

This is our original range of soft crates, and because of ithe design, it is also the lightest.
The Fabrikennel folds in a similar manner to a standard wire crate in that the two ends unzip and are then folded inside the box shape frame.
This easily folds flat, and fits neatly into the carry bag which is supplied.
The framework is wire, which makes it very much lighter than the tubular frame ranges above, although the strength is less. Because of this, the Fabrikennel is not recommended for the more boisterous dog.