Compare the best of luxury dog beds

Choosing the best bed for you and your dog or puppy.

Luxury Dog Beds.

While you may love to cuddle your puppy or adult dog on your knee, or even let it share your furniture, it is very important to give your dog a place of its own – a bed.
Perhaps surprisingly, often the best place for this bed is inside a crate or puppy pen, but wherever you put the bed, it must give a degree of privacy, relative quiet, and comfort. Remember, dogs are bred to have a den, and the bed must take this into account.
If you have a new puppy, then the first bed should be made for a puppy, and there are several to choose from on this site, but as your puppy grows, it will need a new bed which caters for its own personality and body. So, watch your dog as it sleeps. Take note if it curls up, or stretches out. Does it like somewhere to rest his head? It may even lie on its back with his paws in the air! Whatever the position, the bed must be chosen with these needs in mind.
Decide on the sleeping position in which he looks the most comfortable, and measure his length. Then add a few inches (on bigger dogs as much as 12 inches extra) to be sure he has plenty of room. We all like a bit of room in bed – your dog is no different.
The sleeping position of your dog will help to determine the shape of bed. Most dogs are content and comfortable with an oval bed, but others favour a rectangular bed. There are plenty to choose from!
If your dog loves the outdoors and gets muddy, then you may want to consider a water resistant bed which is easily cleaned by sponging or hosing down.
Each dog is different, but we do have a list of beds which are popular for each breed. Follow the links below for more information.


Snuggle Bags are a totally different type of dog bed. Often known as a 'terrier tunnel', snugglebags are perfect for those dogs or puppies which like to be enclosed and covered up as they sleep, or those dogs which love to burrow away to find comfort and security.
Each snugglebag has a cosy fleece lining which the dog loves whatever the season - spring, summer, autumn or winter.
A lovely way to spoil your dog!

Crate mats, mattresses and loungers.

Most dogs grow to love their crate as it gives them a feeling of security and a place of their own.
The use of a crate mat - sometimes called a lounger or mattress - adds that touch of luxury and enhanced comfort.
And if your dog travels inside a crate you will find that the mat helps to absorb the bumps along the road. Your dog will love it!
The mat can be water resistant meaning that it really doesn't matter if your wet and muddy dog wants somewhere to sleep - the mat can easily be wiped down or even hosed down.
Mats can be bought to exactly fit your crate, or can be used on their own as a bed.

Specialist Dog Beds.

In the colder months FLECTABED is a great idea.
Flectabed is a comfortable mattress with a special filling which reflects the body heat of your dog and keeps him really warm and comfortable. The small extra cost of the Flectabed is usually worth it, and you can put the Flectabed inside the normal bed or dog crate for that added degree of luxury.
As the Flectabed simply reflects the dog's own body heat, your dog need never be cold again!
As your dog gets older, its joints may become a little stiff and it is here that an orthopaedic bed will fully justify its purchase price as it moulds to the specific contours of your dog, thus giving full support.
The comfort and peace of mind that these beds offer makes the extra cost worthwhile in helping your dog to have a good, restful sleep.

Camper beds for dogs.

If the sleeping area has a cold floor, or if there is a draft, or if the dog feels more secure by being higher than its immediate surroundings, then a cot-style 'Camper Bed' will be ideal.
You can put a traditional bed on the camper for added comfort if that is practical.

Vetbed - recommended by Vets.

Vetbeds are a fleece type of bed, often sold from the roll, or in sizes cut to fit snugly within your crate or playpen. They are fully washable and can be tumble dried.
There is a big choice of colour and designs, especially if you choose to have a Vetbed cut from a roll. In this way you can choose the length of Vetbed you need - ideal for fitting into that awkward space or for the bigger dog.
Alternatively a Vetbed can be selected ready cut to size to fit into the base of your crate. Full detals are on this site, just follow the links below.
People often buy two Vetbeds - one for use and one for the wash!
Vetbeds are a best seller for us, and this is an achievement based on merit – they are, without doubt, a great product which your dog will love.

Furniture Throws / Covers.

Not many dog owners want their lounge furniture to be covered with dog hairs, mud and mess, so these furniture throws are ideal for those households where the dog leaps onto the chair or sofa for it's nap.
The covers are available in a choice of colours and in sizes which cover most lounge chairs and two or three seater settees.
Fully washable, they are very popular.
Protect your furniture whilst allowing your dog to use it!