Variocage Crash Tested Car Crates

Crash tested car crates designed for the safety of you and your dog.

Please check with us for sizes of your Variocage dog crate and which car it is suitable for if you are in any doubt at all.You can phone and ask, or use the link below to send us your query by e mail.
Please check if the crate is in stock before visiting us - if not we can usually get it in a few days.

Which Variocage crate will fit into my car?.

We have information on most car models and should be able to advise you which of the range of Variocage crash tested crates will fit into your car. Of course then we have to consider if the crate is the correct size for the dog, and an important factor here is the height of the dog to the withers. Each crate description includes the maximum withers height.
So if you want advice regarding crate to car model, either phone us on 01257 484200 or send an e mail by using the button below.

Dog travel with safety in mind.

MiM Variocage crash tested car crates are perhaps the safest method of car travel with your dog. They are tested and approved according to SPCT (Safe Pet Crate Test) by SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden).
In the event of a crash the crate is designed to compress with the vehicle's deformation zone giving maximum protection to your dog - and greatly improving the safety of passengers. Each crate is also fitted with an escape hatch through which your dog can be rescued even if the door cannot be opened.

Daily use of your crash tested crate.

Each MiM Variocage has smooth edges designed to be safe to your pet, yourself, and the car's interior.
The door is fitted with a gas spring which gives a soft closing and also helps to keep the door open when required. It is also fitted with a two step lock similar to a car door which helps to stop fake locking.
The telescopic design ensures that the maximum use is made of available space, and also creates a natural deformation zone. The cage is designed to be splinter free in the event of an accident.
The Variocage is available in a variety of sizes and designs, with a choice of single or double doors, and also with the raised cill necessary for hatchbacks.
Check out the various designs, read the safety reports and watch the videos included with each crate's description under the tab 'More Information'.
We have a large database of car information and can usually advise which crate is suitable for your make and model.