Dog Bowls and Bowl Holders. Attach to crates, adjustable or free standing

Dog Bowls for every need!

Dog bowls with adjustable height, bowls which attach to dog crate, non-spill bowls plus a range of plastic and stainless steel in a variety of sizes.

Dog bowls - what you need to know.

There are two types of dog bowls available - the stainless steel bowls and plastic non spill bowls. The stainless bowls can be used for water and food, but the non spill plastic bowls are usually only used for water.
Stainless Steel bowls are available in several sizes and depths. There is a choice of standard bowls for adult dogs and a very useful range of shallow bowls which make feeding time for small puppies a whole lot easier!
Also available are very handy bowl attachment kits which are designed for use with dog crates. There are two sizes - 5ins. diameter and 8ins. diameter. Each offers a choice of hook-on or clamp-on. Your choice here depends on how often you will need to remove the attachment from the crate. If it is only occasionally then the clamp-on version is for you, but if you are continually collapsing the crate or pen then the hook-on would be your choice. Either way, they are a great idea.
Finally, stainless steel dog bowls can be purchased with an adjustable height stand which is recommended to allay posture and neck problems. Again, these are available in three sizes.

Non Spill Bowls are great for travel or for preventing your floor getting wet and slippy. They basically work by having a large lip under which is a floating "saucer" which helps to stop the water splashing out. Simple but effective!
There is also available a clip which is used to attach the bowl to a dog crate or puppy pen. A very popular accessory!