1. Dog Crates - Where to put them and what to put inside.

    Dog Crates - Where to put them and what to put inside.

    Blogging on dog crates.

    We have been asked many, many questions over the years about dog crates - how to use them, is it cruel to crate (no!), which type of crate is best for you, what size etc etc.
    So we are introducing a series of blogs which will help with most crate questions. This first blog in the series is intended to help with a couple of less obvious, but still important, crating questions. 

    Where should I put my crate in the home?

    The first thing to remember is that dogs are generally social animals and love company, so a crate should never be in a lonely place. But it does depend on how you are using your crate, and what you want out of it.If you are just using it as a bed then remember that a dog likes to sleep - a lot! So it should be in an accessible room whether this be your lounge, kitchen, utility room, hallway or bedroom. If you leave the crate door open then your dog can pop in and out at will.
    Ideally it should be in a busy room where your dog is not alone and can feel a part of what is happening around it. To put the crate in too quiet an area may make your dog feel lonely or isolated, and this is not good. View the crate as you would view your own armchair and put it in an important place in your home and you will find that your dog loves it!
    Do not place it in a draughty area, or in direct sunlight, or too near a fireplace or radiator. I know this can be difficult but it is important that your dog doesn't feel too hot or too cold - take the 'Goldilocks' approach and all will be well.

    What should I put in my dog crate?

    Well, dog crates should be comfortable and welcoming. The comfortable part is quite easy to solve by using a crate mat or piece of Vetbed to take the hardness off the floor. At home, we use both. When we are dog tired we all like to snuggle so you may even consider putting a bed or snugglebag inside the crate, and this will be very popular with your dog.
    You may also consider a water bowl which hooks or clamps on to the crate side - a very popular accessory but perhaps one that should not be used if you are using your dog crate as part of toilet training! 
    And then we come to the fun bit. Especially in the early months and years a dog likes to chew, and you don't want it chewing the crate walls so think about chew toys. It is usually unwise to leave a dog alone with a stuffed toy, or one made from cheaper rubber or plastic, or one with a squeaker as if these are ingested the dog can become seriously ill. So choose your toys and chews carefully and go for a well known brand name such as Kong or Nylabone. Some Kong toys can be stuffed with treats which are always popular, and there is such a variation of Nylabone chews that your dog need never be bored.
    A well planned dog crate and contents will pay dividends. It is a very important place in your dog's life so will find that opting for quality will bring you peace of mind - and a happy dog.

    Future blogs.

    As we said above, this is just the first in a series of blogs about dog crates. If you want us to write about any aspect of dog crates or playpens then please contact us using the link below, and ask. If we can help, we will.

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  2. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

    Don't you just hate it when that happens?

    Talking about dog run panels.

    We have been making dog run panels for the best part of 40 years, and- although we say it ourselves - have a pretty good reputation. So far, so good.

    We have shown these panels on our website for years, BUT a few months ago we had the idea of updating our website (this is it - hope you like it), but we overlooked to include some really good accessories such as our sliding hatch and intermediate posts.
    We have been so wrapped up in designing the site and making it good to look at that we didn't check we had included these really great dog run accessories - don't you just hate it when that happens! We showed the sliding hatch at Crufts this year and received some great comments and lots of interest, but no website orders. Now we know why. This has now been corrected and here are the missing items at the foot of this blog - hope you like them!
    The sliding hatch design shown is the one we have been making for years and is tried and tested in commercial boarding kennels. We are now working on designing a new sliding hatch which will be equally strong, but hopefully cost a lot less. Watch this space! Because of this impending price reduction, we have reduced the price of the existing hatch which will continue to be available whilst stocks last, so now is the time to get a great bargain. Details are shown on this blog.

    The other product we failed to include on the site is the intermediate post for dog runs. This is not needed often in a standard boarding kennel system as where two panels are joined at right angles the post is not necessary. However, if you want to join several panels in a long straight line to form a fence or a super-big kennel run, then the post is necessary to prevent the panels swaying if a big, heavy dog jumps up at it. Check this great idea out on the link, and see if it is for you!

    Whatever you decide, if you have any questions on anything to do with the items highlighted in this blog, just ask us. You can do this by phone - 01257 484200 - or by using the 'contact us' box on this website (see below and the left hand menu on our home page)

    Thanks for reading this blog about our dog run panels and accessories. We hate it when we forget things, but are glad we can blog to put the matter right. Scroll down to see the links to these great ideas.

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