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Weight control

 An easy way to tell if your dog is overweight is to feel around the ribs and spine. There should be only a thin layer of fat between the skin and the bones. A sign of an overweight dog is when you can’t find the ribcage, or find that is buried deep below the skin.

The cause of obesity problems are varied, but can simplistically be categorised into a lack of exercise, the wrong type of food and too much food.

A carefully controlled exercise programme is fundamental to a good weight control approach. There is so much you can do here to help your dog. If your dog has a specific health problem, and you have any concern about the effect of exercise, then see your vet who will advise a tailor-made exercise regime.

To control weight, then the type of food should be relatively low in fat. There are potential problems here if there is a specific illness, such as epilepsy, but in such cases your vet will advise you.

The amount of food is something you can easily control. Every commercial food will give recommended daily amounts, but remember, these are only guidelines, and your dog may need more or less than these.

Start by feeding the recommended quantity for several weeks, and see what effect that has on your dog’s weight. Adjust the portions in the light of this.

But never guess the amounts you are giving. A measured container can be helpful, but it only takes a minute or two extra to actually weigh the food out on a kitchen scale. This simple routine may be your most useful tool in combatting obesity.

Feeding tidbits and table scraps are a sure way of destroying a weight control programme, as well as upsetting the scientific balance of the food. This can have the knock-on effects of poor digestion leading to many other problems. Those brown eyes can be so appealing that it can be difficult to be strict, but it must be done if obesity is to be beaten.

However, as the intake of food is now controlled, it is very important to ensure that what food is taken is fully used, and does not pass straight through the body. It is here that the pre biotics and pro biotics found in Golden Eagle Holistic health foods really help as they stimulate the   digestive system and help the dog to take all the goodness from the balanced ingredients.


Food recommendations.

Where there is an obvious weight problem, we recommend a hypo allergenic diet for about 6 or 8 weeks. This low fat food restricted ingredient food should show an improvement, and when this is done then progress to a holistic food of low fat, such as Holistic Salmon (12% fat) or    Holistic Duck (13% fat).

Each of these foods will not only help to control the dog's weight, but will also help to ward off future problems and give your dog an enhanced coat, skin and bone structure, whilst maintaining a healthy digestive system.


The ideal weight control method is to combine a sensible exercise programme with a sensible diet.

You have control of both of these.