Natural, Holistic dog food - further reading


Vitamins, Minerals and Protein. An easy to read guide explaining the part each plays in a healthy food - and why we put it there.   read more …..
Nutraceuticals and  Nutrigenomics Nutrigenomics is a science of nutrition which works with the dog’s DNA by using only natural and healthy ingredients in true scientific balance. It addresses the whole body needs, and as such is truly holistic. read more …..
Beet pulp in dog food - why the bad reputation? Beet pulp is a very gentle, beneficial source of fibre that is not only generally very well tolerated, but also has specific properties. read more …..
Ash in foods – what is it? Why is it important? The level of minerals in each dog food is measured by the ash content. read more …..
Fibre - how it helps the body Fibre is an integral part of a diet. Fibre’s role is to allow the food mass to travel at a slow and steady pace through the intestine allowing nutrients to be digested at optimal pace. read more …..
Yeast and Yeast Infections We have been receiving more comments from owners who are worried about yeast in food. What should you look for? read more …..
Canine hip dysplasia - What you should know. Hip dysplasia can be a big problem among certain breeds. What causes it? Can diet help?  read more …..