Diet may be able to combat canine heart problems


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Canine heart disease.
How a healthy diet can be of benefit.


There is so much well known research demonstrating that a healthy diet can reduce the risk of developing heart disease and stop weight gain, thus reducing the risk of high cholesterol levels, diabetes and high blood pressure.  Even in those suffering from an existing heart condition, a healthy diet can benefit the heart.

This is true in humans, and equally true in dogs.

Dogs are pretty tough, but sometimes they are prone to heart problems, especially if they are overweight or of a certain breed. These breeds include the beagle, the keeshond, the great  dane, bull terrier, bulldog, boxer, retriever, german shepherd and others. A visit to your breed’s official web page will bring more information.

Dogs tend not have heart attacks in the way that people do, but they can have heart failure. Heart murmurs are relatively common, yet a dog can live its full life with a murmur which is properly treated.

Your vet will prescribe the medication, and probably a healthy exercise routine.

Essential food ingredients.

None of this will be a surprise to most people, but a healthy diet to benefit the heart should include, amongst other things :-

Mono or polyunsaturated fats (Omega 3s)

Fruits and vegetables

The heart and cardiovascular system benefits from fatty acids such as Omega 3s, which regulate cell activity and a healthy cardiovascular function. They are found in fish, such as salmon, tuna, and halibut, as well as other marine life such as algae and krill, certain plants and nut oils. (see ‘further reading’ for more information).


Golden Eagle’s Holistic Health range includes Salmon and Oatmeal formula. Our salmon comes from the clean and pure waters of the northern Atlantic and are naturally preserved.


Apart from salmon, one of the richest sources of Omega 3 is linseed oil, which, of course, is found in our list of ingredients.


A good balance of fruits and vegetables are included in Golden Eagle’s foods and include apples, carrots, peas and cranberries.

Salt is often vilified, but the body needs it, as long as it is in the right amounts and of the right quality.  In Golden Eagle we have the ‘Goldilocks’ amount – not too little, not too much, but just right. The salt we use is Natrox, a specially clean and natural form of seasalt, to   provide natural essential nutrients like sodium and chloride. As our feeds are all natural, we do not use chemically-made ingredients.

We do not add salt as a palatinate, but purely as a natural and important source of sodium and chloride.

So, which food?

The food which contains the most Omega 3 is Holistic Salmon and Oatmeal (2.6% Omega 3, 2.2% Omega 6) and this will not only take care of the heart but will also help to improve the coat and skin.

An alternative is a multi protein food containing salmon, the Holistic Chicken formula which also includes chicken, pork, and egg.

The Omega 3 in chicken formula is 0.8%.