3ft high - Galvanised Outdoor Play pen Panels.

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No tools needed. Easy to erect.
Galvanised puppy or dog run panels specially made for a robust outdoor life.
These wire mesh panels are framed in a square tube, and are available with or without an entrance gate.
Easily slots together with other panels to form a pen size of your choice.
Fully galvanised and weatherproof
Panel Size :- Choice of 4ft or 6ft wide x 37 ins high (approx 1.2m or 1.8m wide x 0.94m high)

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4ft x 3ft high Single Plain Panel DIS43S
4ft x 3ft high Single Gated Panel DIS43G
6ft x 3ft high Single Plain Panel DIS63S
6ft x 3ft high Single Gated Panel DIS63G

Lower height dog run panels - the 'Discovery' range

This hot dipped galvanised range of mesh panels is designed and manufactured for use outdoors to give an adaptable dog run or play area.
They are tough, weatherproof and versatile so that almost any combination of panels may be used - they simply hook together.
Because of this they are easy to store.
Buy as a puppy pen set or puppy play area, or just buy single panels.
These puppy pen panels simply slot together - no awkward bolts, clips etc.
The panels are available in two heights - 37ins (0.94m) and 49ins (1.24m) and two lengths - 48ins (1.22m) and 72ins (1.83m) The longer panels have a vertical strengthener at mid point.
The panels may be plain, or fitted with a central door with a step-over threshold.
All mesh is fully welded at each intersection to give a rigid screen enclosed by a 25mm (1") square tube. The mesh square is 50mm x 50mm (2") and the mesh is manufactured from 3mm dia. wire.
It is possible to buy fixing connectors which allow the run to be bolted to a wall, or allow two gate panels to share a common divider - thus saving money.
As with all Croft dog run panels, they are usually available with a delivery period of 7 - 14 days.

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