24. Popular Sizes for Your Small / Medium Breed. (see list of breeds below)

Popular sizes of dog crates, puppy pens and dog beds for your breed.

Please follow the links below to see the popular sizes for your breed.
These are based on our experience over many years, but sizes do vary within any breed. When selecting a crate, the dog should be able to stand erect without needing to bend its legs. The minimum height for the breed should therefore be taken to be the height to the withers. Please check this if you are in any doubt.
Click on the pics below to see the crates, pens and beds for your breed.

Typical breeds which would use this size are shown below for comparison.:-
(Please note that the height to the withers is important, as this is the minimum height required for a crate. It is also important in determining which puppy pen and bed to buy as it is the height to the shoulder with straight legs.)

  Height to withers (ins)
  Dog Bitch
Boston Terrier 12ins (31cm) 12ins (31cm)
Cesky Terrier 11/14ins (28-36cm) 11/14ins (28-36cm)
Cocker Spaniel 15/16ins (38-41cm) 15/16ins (38-41cm)
Dandie Dinmont Terrier 9/11ins (23-28cm) 9/11ins (23-28cm)
French Bulldog 9/10ins (23-26cm) 9/10ins (23-26cm)
Glen of Imaal Terrier 13/14ins (35-36cm) 13/14ins (35-36cm)
Jack Russell 13/14 (33-36cm) 12/13 (30.5-33cm)
Japanese Spitz 12/14ins (30.5-36cm) 12/14ins (30.5-36cm)
Kooikerhondje 14/16ins (35-40cm) 14/16ins (35-40cm)
Parson Jack Russell 13/14 (33-36cm) 12/13 (31-33cm)
Scottish Terrier 10/11ins (25.5-28cm) 10/11ins (25.5-28cm)
Sealyham Terrier 11/12ins (28-31cm) 10/11ins (25.5-28cm)
Shetland Sheepdog 14/15ins (36-39cm) 14/15ins (36-39cm)
Shih Tzu 10/11 (25.5-28cm) 10/11 (25.5-28cm)
Tibetan Terrier 14/16ins (35.6-40.6cm) 14/16ins (35.6-40.6cm)
Welsh Corgi Cardigan 10/12ins (25-31cm) 10/12ins (25-31cm)
Welsh Corgi Pembroke 10/12ins (25-31cm) 10/12ins (25-31cm)