12 kg GE Holistic Health Large / Giant Puppy Dry Food

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Large & giant breed puppy food
For breeds with an adult weight of over 20kg.
Golden Eagle Holistic Large & Giant Breed Puppy is the perfect food for fast growing large and giant breed puppies, being lower in protein to better control the growth rate, and help to avoid 'growing pains' often found in the larger breeds.  It can also be used for new mums.
Suitable for large breed puppies from 13 weeks to 13 months of age and giant breeds from 9 weeks to 16 months of age. 
Contains Prebiotics AND Probiotics
Pure & Natural - chemical free
HUMAN GRADE ingredients only

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Golden Eagle Holistic Large&Giant Breed Puppy is designed for fast growing large and giant breed puppies. and is suitable from 13 weeks to 13 months of age and giant breeds from 9 weeks to 16 months of age. 

Golden Eagle Holistic Large & Giant Breed Puppy is a multiprotein source diet, meaning there are several meats in the formula. 
  • Protein sources are chicken, pork, salmon and egg to guarantee all your dogs high protein needs.
  • Fats and oils for energy and shiny coat are from high quality chicken fat, Omega-3 oils, from Salmon and linseed, specially high in EPA and DHA.  These are also to support cardiovascular health, optimal eye and brain functions.
  • Carbohydrate sources are wholegrain brown rice, wholegrain white rice and wholegrain oats to guarantee your dogs carbohydrate sources. Our grains are selected for their wholesome nutrients, over 60 specific nutrients in each grain. We do not use wheat, corn or soy in our formulations, as they have been blamed for all kinds of allergic reactions, also these are carbohydrate sources, we get our protein from meats.
  • Fibre sources - Our main dietary fibr is beetpulp, due to its high dietary fiber contents together with tomato pomace. Our oatmeal, rice, potatoes, carrots and apple fibres fill out any caps that could be missing, bringing our total dietary fibre mix to its highest, most productive form.
  • Our fruits and vegetables are all natural and selected for their holistic health benefits.
  • Our special mix of nutraceuticals and MicroHealthT, BioHealthT and LactohealthT, which address the specific nutritional requirements of dogs makes Golden Eagle the most advanced natural petfood in the world.


More Information
Where this food can help

Healthy Nutrition for Large Breed Adult Dogs and Puppies

Just like large and giant breed puppies, large and giant breed adults also need a diet that meets their specific nutritional needs. We all know that generally the larger the breed the shorter the life span. In spite of that fact, many larger dogs are living far longer than expected. Better breeding, an increased awareness of the importance of regular exercise and the value of good nutrition have all played a significant role in extending the life of our beloved pets.

There are specific considerations that should be addressed when considering a proper diet for your large or giant breed adult pet.

1. Weight gain and joint stress are two of the major concerns associated with larger dogs.

Excessive weight is an added stress on the joints of the body and can encourage the proliferation of osteoarthritis. Once the arthritis begins, the added stress of carrying extra weight for long periods of time can make the process progress much more quickly. In addition, long term obesity has also been found to increase the risk of other serious and debilitating conditions such as diabetes, pancreatitis, heart problems, spinal problems and even skin and hair coat issues.

To help with maintaining a healthy weight, Golden Eagle® Holistic Health Large Breed Adult is designed to encourage a lean body mass while providing all the necessary good calories from protein and fat that are essential for a healthy and active life style. Extra weight puts extra stress on a large frame, so it's important for your dog to feel satiated without consuming excess calories. With moderate fat, this recipe helps control energy intake, thus allowing your dog to eat enough and still maintain a healthy weight every day. For large breed dogs, their greater size means there is more muscle to support and keep strong. That why in our Golden Eagle® Holistic Health, we use 4 quality animal protein sources for increased protein.

When it comes to weight management, we must all realize that no matter what we feed our pets, if we feed too much our pets will have a weight problem. In addition we must understand that we have 100% control of what our pets eat. If we are feeding too much we must cut back or increase exercise otherwise we will be encouraging a weight problem. Never feed pets to satisfy their appetite. Always feed to maintain an ideal body mass and weight will never become a problem as long as adequate exercise is also incorporated into the pet’s life-style.

2. There is some concern that a number of dogs have a reduced ability to utilize taurine, another amino acid found to be essential for a healthy heart. To be certain adequate levels are available we have also supplemented additional levels in our diet.

3. As with all Golden Eagle® Recipes, contains all the nutrients you have come to expect in our diets. Our special recipe for the needs of large breed dogs features our Omega 3 and 6 blend with 650 mg/kg of glucosamine hydrochloride and 450 mg/kg of chondroitin sulfate. Omega 3 fatty acids are also known to be a natural anti-inflammatory and help maintain a healthy heart and proper kidney function. Natural antioxidants such as Vitamins A, E and C as well as Beta Carotenes, are also included to help eliminate free radicals and keep cells healthy.

4. It is important for large breeds to easily digest and process food. We include live, naturally-occurring micro-organisms to support digestive health and we ensure optimal nutrient absorption through our LactoHealth confirmation studies - less nutrients in the stool, means more nutrients in the body.

5. For those pet parents that want to feed their beloved pets the very best natural diet with optimum benefits, Golden Eagle™ Holistic Health is an ideal diet to encourage a long, happy and healthy life.



Food Analysis

Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein min 23
Fat min 13
Fibre max 3,5
Ash max 8,5
Vitamin A min 26000
Vitamin D3 min 1823
Vitamin E min 248
Copper max 20
Calcium max 1,4
Phosphorus max 1,0
Omega-6 min 2,1
Omega-3 min 0,8


Chicken meal,

Wholegrain Brown rice,

Wholegrain White rice,


Refined chicken fat (preserved with vitamins),

Whole linseed,

Tomato pomace, Beet pulp,


Salmon meal, Pork meal,

Peas, Carrot flake,

Lucerne Salmon oil,

Chicken liver gravy,

Monosodium phosphate ,

Salt (natrox) ,

Potassium Chloride,

Seaweed ,

Yucca Joint care pack,

Dried apple, Cranberry

Selenium Beta Carotene L'Carnitine

Minerals Vitamins

Contains specially healthy natural and holistic supplementation MicroHealthT, BioHealthT and LactohealthT

Prebiotics Explained
BioHeatlh™ is a prebiotic nutritional supplement, all dried natural aspergillus fibre.
Prebiotics are nondigestible food ingredients that stimulate the growth and/or activity of bacteria in the digestive system which are beneficial to the health of the body.These prebiotics are also ”food” for probiotics and they increase the activity of beneficial lactic acid bacteria, such as bacillus acidophilus and entercoccus faesium.
Prebiotics BioHealth™ is food for our Probiotics LactoHeath™, as without our special mix of prebiotics, probiotics are not fully utilised.
Prebiotics beneficially affect the host by selectively stimulating the growth and / or activity of beneficial bacteria in the colon and thus improve host health. As a highly fermentable insoluble fibre, aspergillus is a superior prebiotic fibre source. It is derived from aspergillus yeast and this becomes a specific foodstuff for the beneficial bacteria found in the intestinal tract. Benefits from this include firmer stools, reduced risk of colitis and cancers, improvement in glucose and blood lipid metabolism, reduction in gas production (flatulence) and a reduction in faecal odour.

Contains beta-clucans and mannaoligosaccharides (MOS).

Beta-glucan is a powerful immune-enhancing nutritional supplement. This unique compound primes the innate immune system to help the body defend itself against viral and bacterial invaders.

MOS protect the GI track from invading toxins and pathogens which may find their way into the dog's stomach, binding them onto them and this way they do not harm the dog .


Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) refer to a class of non-digestible carbohydrates.
 Since they are non-digestible,they pass through the digestive tract virtually unchanged.
When the FOS reach the colon, they are used by the good or beneficial bacteria found there for growth and multiplication.
 A healthy population of these beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract enhances the digestion and absorption of nutrients, detoxification and elimination processes, and helps boost the immune system. Since they are non-digestible, they provide almost no calories.
Probiotics Explained

LactoHealth™ Probiotic is a nutritional supplement containing live bacteria, which attaches onto the walls of the digestive tract, collecting valuable fats and proteins for the body’s consumption.

These fats and proteins are the keys for the growth and health of any animal.

By increasing the promotion of healthy bacteria, the animal's overall health is increased, and the cost of feeding is lowered through increased absorbtion.

The word "probiotic" means "for life”.

The use of probiotics for promotion of digestive balance is not a new concept.

The present day world has created new pressures for a pet's digestive balance.

Poor quality food fed to todays urbanised pets creates imbalances, and this is further aggravated by the increased activity and stress related to new activities.

There is an ever increasing use of antibiotics (meaning : against life) and this can easily lead to good bacteria being killed along with the bad. Probiotics ( for life) help to restore the system to balance.

One thing which has not changed in the evolvement of these wild animals to pets, is the their digestive system.

A Probiotic is a product containing viable, lactid-acid-producing bacterial strains (primarily lactobacilli and Enterococcus faecium - see below) which are administered orally, either alone or in feed, with the intent of establishing a favourable intestinal microflora.

The concept behind administration of probiotics is nothing new. In his book, The Prolongation of life, published as long ago as 1908, a Russian scientist named Metchnikoff, attributed the longevity of the population of Bulgarians to their consumption of large quantities of fermented milk products containing, what he identified as Bacillus bulgaricus.

Later researchers identified the organism as Lactobcillus acidophilus - see below. From this early theory, the modern day concept of probiotics has evolved.


Enterococcus faecium

E. Faecium is protected in LactoHealth™ by means of polysaccharide layers, allows it to pass through the stomach without affecting the acid pH.

On reaching the intestine, it multiplies at a rapid rate (doubling in CFU every 20 minutes), and adheres to the intestine lining by means of a membrane which makes it possible for it to form the "biological barrier" which protects the body against disease-causing germs.




 Lactobacillus acidophilus

 People with digestive or bacterial problems or yeast infections find acidophilus quite useful. With the many uses of acidophilus, and with many people becoming aware of its benefits, demand for such helpful product will surely increase. The same will happen in the pet market.

Scientific studies have proven that acidophilus contains bacteria that have a mutual relationship with the stomach. These bacteria aid in the breakdown of food molecules and in inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria.

Compare this food
Food category: Large Breed Puppy
Grain free? No
Hypo Allergenic? No
Mainly used to help: ControlledGrowth OrganDevelopment

Top 3 ingredients.

ChickenMeal BrownRice WhiteRice

Protein. (muscles, growth, maintenance)

Fat (energy / coat/weight control)  13%
Fibre (bowel function)  3.5%
Glucosamine (joints) 665 ppm
Chondroitin (joints)  420 ppm
Omega 3 (skin / coat)  0.8 %
Omega 6 (skin / coat)  2.1 %
Vitamin A (vision / growth / skin / bones)  26,000 IU
Vitamin D3 (growth / bones / teeth / kidneys)  1,820 IU
Vitamin E (immunity / antioxidant)  248 IU
PRE biotics (stimulates digestion / allergy symptom control) yes
PRO biotics (aid to healthy digestion /allergy symptom control) yes
Iron (muscles / oxygen transfer)  75 mg
Zinc (skin / coat / wound healing)  120 mg
Feeding Guide
Puppy weight  (kg)
4 - 8 weeks Daily feeding amounts (g)
8 - 16 weeks
16 - weeks Daily amount (g)
24 - 52 weeks Daily amount (g)
Daily amount (g)
0 - 2
27 - 133
2 - 5
106 - 237
186 - 212
5 - 7
212 - 318
212 - 265
7 - 9
265 - 318
9 - 14
318 - 398
212 - 292
14 - 18
398 - 477
292 - 318
265 - 345
23 - 27
371 - 504
345 - 424
32 - 36
530 - 689
477 - 583
36 - 45
689 - 795
583 - 795


Feeding amounts vary according to the breed, activity, age and environmental conditions. Feed 3 times per day, reducing to twice per day from 10 to 16 weeks of age. If you suspect your puppy is under or overweight, adjust feeding amounts accordingly. 

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