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dog crates, dog cages and puppy play pens

Dog crates and puppy pens for all breeds - use our unique size finder guide.

Check our sizes by breed and you will see that our range of dog crates and soft crates gives you exactly the size you need, with the best choice of styles from lightweight to super strong - small, medium, large or extra large crates up to 54 ins, 60 ins. and even 72 ins!

Croft have been the favourite of top breeders for almost 40 years, and are the only company licenced by The Kennel Club to sell their Crufts folding dog crate, Dog Cage, Soft Dog Crate, and Puppy Play Pen.

Choosing your dog crate / cage - what size do I need?

When you are looking to buy dog crates, getting the right size - the best size for you - is important, and what you need may not be as big as you think.
Your crate becomes your dog's special place, and can be used to create a natural den, as well as a travel aid. If your dog is tired or nervous it can find a safe haven in its crate as it knows that here is a space which is quiet and private. Dog crates are also often used to assist in toilet training.
We do have a very helpful series of blogs dealing with questions about dog crates and cages. These answer such questions as 'Is crating cruel', 'What should I do if my dog needs crate rest?' and 'How long can I leave my dog in a crate?' to name just 3. Please click on the blog link button at the bottom of the page to see the answers.
Make sure you have the right size, and the best design for you. Do you need a fabric soft crate or a wire crate? Do you need a strong heavy duty crate, or a lightweight crate? How important is quality to you? What is the difference between each design? How can you compare dog crates and cages to see which is the best? Click on the buttons for help.

Compare puppy playpens.

Take care of mums, expectant mums and those precious puppies with the best puppy playpen.
Pens can be as simple as 4 wire panels clipped together, or they can be made of strong tube and mesh with a base floor tray.
There are sets of octagon pens in various heights, all of which include a dog door. This range of playpen are often called exercise pens, and are very popular as they quickly fold away.
Or why not make the size of puppy pen you need by clipping together purpose made panels?
We have several options to choose from - especially on the Freedom heavy duty puppy playpen which can be extended to make it large, or extra large.
You can even get puppy playpens with a base tray - one of our most popular lightweight pens.
And of course there is our outdoor range of 'Discovery' dog panels which make an excellent garden play pen which can be extended as much as is needed, and can be left outside in all weathers.
Puppy pens, playpens and exercise pens offer you a great choice and playpens are often used in conjunction with crates and cages to give an adaptable secure environment. Which is best? It's up to you, but click on the button for helpful tips to help you decide.

A Guide to Dog Run Panels / Dog Pens

Fully galvanised outdoor dog run panels represent a long term investment, so it's right that that you make the best choice, first time.
Croft outdoor dog run panels are considered by many to be the best and strongest available. You can easily create a dog run or dog pen to the size of your choice in 3 different heights. Just buy dog runs by the panel online, or phone us for a chat.