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Golden Eagle Holistic Health® pet food has been formulated using only fresh, natural, wholesome pet food ingredients from each of the five food groups. And our Golden Eagle Holistic Health® innovative cooking methods by the worlds most modern cooking processes ensure pet foods unequalled in healthful, nutritional benefits.

Golden Eagle Holistic Health® dog and cat food recipes are based on the most advanced research in animal health. The latest findings in genetic research showing the effects of chemicals and un-natural substances in pet foods creating havoc in pets health and potentially having unhealthy and dangerous destruction of the animals DNA. All these issues are mirrored by the enhancements in our all-natural and holistic formulations, limiting these hazards so detrimental to our pets health.

We take pride in our carefully selected meats, grains and vegetables and you can find full explanations to every and each one we use. There are no hidden “grouplistings”, no “EU-approved” or any other wordings so commonly used to hide the true source of rawmaterials used. We list them all, we explain them all, so you can rest assured that your pet gets natural and holistic nourishment from our foods for a healthy long life, without any hidden agenda. 

Holistic Pet Food FAQs

Learning about the benefits of a holistic pet food diet and choosing the right dog food or cat food takes just minutes. Golden Eagle covers the questions most pet owners have regarding holistic pet food through our FAQ section, allowing you to quickly and easily find the information you need.

Many well known companies claim high quality, as well as Golden Eagle, but none provides real demonstration of the statements. How do you support your claims of of high quality?

Please see our websites, where scientific studies have been referred to. These studies demonstrate detrimental effects of chemicals and non-natural substances. Our basic principal on being holistic, simply means we avoid all potentially harmul elements. Only natural, human grade ingredients, avoiding all artificial and synthetic material, no chemicals or any rawmaterial that can be considered detrimental or dangerous for an  animals health.

Simultaneously we follow the same science, providing certain raw materials beneficial effects for the improved health of the animal. As an example, our special digestive support system Bio Heatlh™, Micro Heatlh™ and LactoHeatlh™, no other feed in the world has this combination of nutrients for healthy microflora in the digestive track. All rawmaterials play a role in the development of Golden Eagle products in combination and jointly. These differencies can easily be compared with any other feeds, by comparing the ingredient panels and further study of each and every ingredient and their role and function in nutrition.

You define your product as a nutrigenomic food. On what scientific basis is this claim made? Have you research to support this. If so, which?

See the Golden Eagle  maufacturer's website for references and links to scientific studies. These are independent studies from all over the world. Further reading on Nutrigenomics is freely available in the web, for further study.  The latest science has found direct links between nutrition and response of genes and how nutrients can effect the health of the pet. Nutrigenomics is directly linked to Epigenetics, which is the hottest genetic research area.  We recommend reading our articles covering different nutritional areas as basis for information and continue into the scientific information thereon.

What is holistic?


See our article ”Holistic” from the articles on the Golden Eagle manufacturer's site.


Where do your ingredients originate?


Mainly from trusted EU farmers. For example, all our meats are from UK farmers, our rice comes from Pakistan and Thailand, our kelp from the cold atlantic waters of Iceland, our probiotics form Denmark, our potatoes from French farmers, our herbs from Dutch farmers. We pay great deal of attention to our rawmaterial sources. Each and every rawmaterial can be traced into its origin. All our ingredients are of the best human grade quality and this is why we call our feed “ingredient born performance” simply meaning that our high quality ingredients are visible in vitality, health and happiness from our high quality nutrition in each and every pet.

See futher details of each of our ingredient in Rawmaterial analysis.


It is a new brand new formulation?


The original formulations are derived from Joe Cocquyt, the pioneer in Super Premium and Holistic feeds. Joe Cocquyt’s intimate knowledge of rawmaterials, of cooking and mixing these high quality rawmaterials, added with the latest scientific discoveries, are the basis for our formulations. It has taken 12 years to finalise these formulations, so in that respect they are not new, they are the latest what science has told us is needed by healthy pets and specially what to avoid as been potentially detrimental to pets health.. Our aim is to make the healtiest petfood in the world and we believe that is exactly what we have today. Our target is happier healthier pets, no more, no less.


Have you done any feeding tests or is the food tested on pets?

All our feeds have gone through extensive testing. These tests have been conducted at breeders and private pet owners. We never test our feeds in laboratory animal testings, as we feel those methods are cruel and of no benefit. Its the real world where the feed is used, not in laboratories. We have had hundreds of dogs in our field trials all accross Europe. From north in Sweden and Finland to Spain, where climates are different, pets live in different conditions and all these tests have proven extremely high acceptance to the feed.

Starting from palatabilty, to steady and healthy growth of puppies, to Large&Giant breeds, to hard working hunting and sleddogs, where fast recovery is a clear sign of feeds performance and our test groups have reported faster recovery than from any other food fed before.

These testimonies are of great importance, as they indicates the nutritional effectiveness.


Why should anyone go for this food?

Simply, we believe it is the best nutrigenomic food range in the world. The healthiest nutrition you can give to your pet.


Are any of the dog or cat food ingredients genetically modified?

No. We do not allow any GMO ingredients.


I am having giant breed puppies – how can I be sure this food gives the best harmonic growth?

We would recommend reading our article conserning hip-dysplacia where basis are explained.


I would like to see better coat condition on my dog – what should I feed my dog?

All our formulae contain several coat conditioners, so any of the feeds would do. Our Salmon formula is very high in salmon oil and would be our recommended choice, specially for long coated dogs.


Why do you have both white rice and brown rice in the feed, and why so high up in the ingredients list?

Each ingredient is selected for its benefit for the formulas total nutritional benefits. As an example, our Holistic Chicken contains over 40 % of meats (chicken being the major source for protein for coat and skin together with salmon, pork for muscles and egg to fill any gaps left in protein balance). The nutritional power comes from all rawmaterials benefits combined into specific formulas. We use only wholegrain grains and you can find further information on our rawmaterial listings why each rawmaterial is selected and used.


Do we need to continue to give our dogs the herbs we usually give them?


Normally our selection of ingredients do not requirer any extra supplementation, but there might be specific reasons for your individual dog to use supplementation. We recommend using only natural supplementation, adding meat is dicouraged due to our very high meat contents allready in the feed.


Can Large Breed Puppies be raised on Duck & Oatmeal ?

Yes, Large Breed puppies can be raised with Duck&Oatmeal, though our recommendation and first choice would be Large&Giant Breed Puppy, due to its special characteristics as a multiprotein source formula.


What does the Guaranteed Analysis (GA) tell me?

This is the most common form of nutrient information that the consumer will find on the bag. This “quasi” nutrition information is regulated by laws and was initially designed, some 100 years ago, to keep unscrupulous marketers from cheating unwary consumers.

Today, the Guaranteed Analysis provides minimums and maximums that the food producer must meet, but this only provides a fraction of the information that pet owners, professionals, retailers, and veterinarians need to know when making decisions about the food and the amount to offer.


I have used for many years a lamb formula with lower levels of calcium with satisfaction, I will try your corresponding formula, but I see very high levels of calcium, 1.9% versus 1.3 % and finding very similar ingredients, I do not find a justification, please clarify.

Our calcium levels are all natural. Our Holistic Lamb&Oatmeal formula is an adult dog feed, a single protein diet. Adult dogs have the ability to control their calcium levels and therefore calsium levels in this feed are not of importance. Calcium and phosphorus levels are important for growing puppies and this is the reason we have developed 2 distinct multiprotein feeds for puppies. Our Holistic Puppy is for all breeds of puppies from weaning onwards. The requirement of Large&Giant Breeds differ from Small&Medium Breeds when they reach their fast bonegrowth stage and this is the moment to transfer to the specific puppy feed.  See further details on Holistic Puppy and Large&Giant Breed Puppy, and corresponding articles, where these differences have been addressed.



Should I be concerned with bloat using your foods? 

Bloat is a potentially life-threatening condition where the stomach rapidly fills with gas from fermenting food. Meat protein does not ferment, but grains and beans do. Because Golden Eagle's formulas do not use fillers like grains or beans as a main protein source, there has not been a problem with bloat associated with our products. All grains used are whole grain.


Which pet food should I feed?  

The choice between formulas really depends on the needs and preferences of your pet. Golden Eagle makes many distinctive lines of pet foods, all of the highest quality and formulated to adhere to the strict Nutritional Philosophy.

At the top of the range are the healthiest pet foods in the world, Golden Eagle Holistic and are formulated with ingredients from the five basic food groups, including fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole ground grains which give Golden Eagle a wide variety of pet food ingredients and flavors. Golden Eagle also features added ingredients which are known to promote health; things like probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidant vitamins E and C, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.

Golden Eagle Sensitive (Hypo allergenic), while simple, is completely balanced with all of the nutrients that your pet will need to thrive. To keep things pure and simple, the Golden Eagle Sensitive line was created with the fewest possible ingredients. Veterinarians have found that Golden Eagle Sensitive foods can be used as an isolation diet for pets with possible food allergies, and has shown to be an excellent solution for pets with sensitive digestive tracts. There are two grainfree versions available, Duck&Potato and Salmon&Potato


How are your pet foods preserved?

Golden Eagle's pet foods are preserved with Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols -- alpha, beta, gamma and delta isomers) and Vitamin C. We do not use any chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT, or ethoxyquin.


What are Prebiotics and Probiotics?  

Both probiotics and prebiotics work to enhance the normal, healthy flora or bacteria found in the gastrointestinal tract. Probiotics (also known as “direct fed microbials”) are live microorganisms that are added to the kibble, after the product has cooled during the coating step of kibble production. Probiotics or “good bacteria” are thought to improve the intestinal balance of microbes by introducing more, healthy bacteria into the gut, while inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria or “bad bacteria.” This is very similar to the live cultures that are present in yogurt.

Prebiotics are typically soluble fibers (oligosaccharides) that encourage the growth of “good bacteria” in the gut. They are not bacteria themselves, unlike probiotics. Prebiotics are typically added in small quantities during the dry mix step of kibble production. Common prebiotics include certain fiber sources as well as chicory root (inulin), fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and mannanoligosaccharides (MOS).


Golden Eagle petfoods takes pride in providing high-quality, safe nutrition that enhances the health and well being of our dogs, cats and ferrets. All ruminant based ingredients are certified free of “specific risk materials” (SRM). This means there are no head (including brain), spinal column, tonsils, intestines, or any other specific risk materials from beef or lamb in any of our formulas as these tissues have been linked to BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy).


Does Golden Eagle make prescription-type diets? 

Golden Eagle does not provide exclusively veterinarian prescribed diets. You can, however, review the average nutrient analyses of dog foods on our web site to see how the nutrient levels compare to a specific prescription diet.If you need help on this, just ask us a question using the question buttons on this site.


Why use meals instead of fresh meat?

The chicken, lamb, turkey, herring and salmon meals that Golden Eagle uses are concentrated sources of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. Using a high quality meat meal adds important nutrients without adding a lot of additional moisture. The so-called ”fresh” usually contains upto 75 % of moisture, meaning the true amounts of meat are actually very low.


Why is sea salt used instead of another source of salt?

Sea salt is used in Golden Eagle’s foods to provide the essential nutrients, sodium and chloride. Alternative sources for sodium were explored by Golden Eagle’s team of nutritionists but were rejected as a natural source like sea salt was preferred over using a chemically made ingredient.

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