Warnings and Safety Tips

It is important that the owner looks after their dog's safety and care.  
This includes such things as never leaving a dog in a locked car; never allowing your dog to walk off the lead on a public road;safety in the sun, garden etc. It also includes being aware of perhaps less obvious dangers when using some of the products available on this site.
When using mesh / wire products for dogs & puppies.

Do not leave collars on dogs - crate or no crate - in case the disc or buckle get caught which can cause serious injury or choking.This is equally true of play pens. In general, a dog or puppy should not be left unsupervised whilst wearing a collar - especially one which includes a large buckle or identity disc. Please remember that this advice is given specifically regarding wire products, but it nevertheless holds true in other circumstances - there are many things in a home, garage or garden where your pet can become entangled. Awareness of these will help you as a responsible dog owner. It bears repeating that a dog should never be left unsupervised in a crate or play pen with its collar on.
• Remember that a wire crate and many puppy pens are made of wire mesh and it is possible that your dog may attempt to bite the mesh or push its leg through the wire spacing. If your dog does this, it may get trapped or suffer injury. This rare accident may be brought on by separation anxiety where the dog just wants to escape, or by boredom. The first should be treated by correct crate training, and the second by the introduction of safe toys or chews such as Nylabone or Kong. A combination of both approaches may be best. Almost anything that causes stress can bring on separation anxiety at any age, and in extreme cases the solution may be medication as well as a behavioural approach. Destructive chewing and biting are often symptoms of separation anxiety, as is unwanted urination or defecation. Please be aware of your responsibility in supervising and training your dog, especially in early use. Keep your dog relaxed, frequently praise calmness, and be prepared to give special training if necessary. The responsibility is that of the owner, but we will be willing to give advice as necessary.  
• Do not allow your dog to stand or play on the mesh top of the dog crate or puppy pen. The product is not designed for this.


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