Out of bounds areas – upstairs / furniture etc

In most homes, there are places which you would prefer your dog not to visit.

This may be on furniture, your bedroom, a baby's cot, the bathroom, upstairs etc.

The best way to keep your dog or puppy away from these  'out of bounds' areas,  is by personal training, which may include clicker training.

This can be reinforced by the use of the painless spray. This is similar to the anti-bark collar in that it fits beneath the chin, but this time it is spray and sound, and is activated by the positioning of a movement sensor which activates the device.   

It really is a great way to protect your furniture, bedrooms and nurseries.  It is marketed under the name of ‘Virtual Barrier’ and again is available on this website.Click HERE to view.

Other training aids, including a couple of alternatives on clicker training and 'GETOFF' sprays, can be found by clicking HERE

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