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All answers given are aimed at showing the nutritional support that a good food can give, and should not be taken as a medicinal answer. In all cases of doubt - consult your vet.


What are the important things I should know about my dog's skin and coat?
Allergies. My dog seems to be allergic to almost anything, but we have not been able to pinpoint why this is. What can you recommend?
How can I get my dog to lose weight?
I am about to get a new puppy and would like to feed her dry food, but the breeder has weaned her on tinned food.  What should I do?
Digestion. What food should I look for to help combat common digestive disorders?
The vet says my dog has alopecia - she is losing hair, and where the hair has fallen out, the skin is black, not pink.  What can you suggest?
Can you recommend a commercial dog food that is good for Hip Dysplasia?

My Scottie has always had a queasy tummy. I am feeding him a good quality, premium dry food but this has not cured him. His coat is also losing colour. Can the 2 be connected, and what do you suggest?”


I have been told my dog has a systemic yeast infection. What can I do?


Protein.      I have heard some owners say that this food has too much protein for my dog, whereas that food has too little protein. What should I look for?

You state that Golden Eagle is a nutrigenomic dog food. What are nutrigenomics?
  My Cocker Spaniel has got bad skin and is always scratching. Because of this there are sores on his back. When he comes back from the groomers they say his skin is sensitive and that is why it flakes. He also has dandruff.   What do you suggest?
   You show your food as "holistic" containing prebiotics and probiotics. What exactly do you mean by this?
   I have been told that my dog has urinary crystals, or stones. What do you suggest?
   My friends say that to get a really good skin and coat for my dog, I should add zinc to the diet. Is this what you recommend?
   I have heard it said that my Shar Pei puppy will react badly to lots of protein, and this is typical of the breed. Yet a puppy needs protein to grow. What food should I choose?
   What guidelines should I follow when feeding my puppy with Golden Eagle?
   I understand that too much salt in pet foods can cause severe problems. What is Golden Eagle's policy on this?
  My two dogs have atopic dermatitis to the ears and eyes, and both seem to be allergic to lots of things. What can you suggest?
  Which of your foods are suitable for a gluten - free diet?
   Is Golden Eagle a Premium or Super Premium dry food - and what is the difference?
   I have a boxer who has food allergies.  He is allergic to chicken, beef, tripe and lamb.  Do you have anything  that would help alleviate his symptoms?  He gets ear infections, bites his feet, hives and can feel generally unwell?
   My dog keeps eating grass and licking soil.   Why?
  My boxer has a delicate stomach and as she gets older is developing joint problems. Can a change of food help?
   My dog has just changed to Golden Eagle Hypo Allergenic Salmon, and although his coat and skin have improved, he has loose stools. Why?
   My dog has a persistent ear discharge, her ears smell and she scratches a lot. I have tried everything, including antibiotics, but the problem returns. What can you suggest?
   My toy poodle has bad breath What are the probable causes, and will your food help?
   My 14 year old dog suffers from demodectic mange. Which of your foods would you suggest?
   My dog is nervous of loud bangs, and bonfire night / New Year etc are terrible with all the fireworks.  What can you suggest?
Could you advise me which food is recommended for a Dogue de Bordeaux  due to their allergies and sensitivities? Please include advice for my puppy and then adult dogs.
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