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We are a family firm of almost 40 years standing who are dedicated to high levels of quality and customer service.

We began in a mill building in Wigan, manufacturing all things made from wire, being known then as Wire Mesh Fabrications Ltd.

Our range quickly included wire dog crates and outdoor dog runs, followed by puppy pen panels. These products gained almost instant success, and the crates and puppy panels are known today as the Showman range. The name was chosen as they quickly became a favourite of those who show dogs on the Championship show cicuit. They remain today a best seller and a favourite among top breeders.

We believe our very first crate sold - a Showman 24E - was sold to a lady named Lin (not Linda!), who is still using it to this day, although it is fair to say that after well over 30 years it has lost its newness! Lin, along with her friend Philippa,  still visits us at our stand when we exhibit at dog shows. Such is the loyalty of our customers.

In the year 1999 / 2000, we moved from the Wigan premises to a purpose made building in nearbye Adlington, Chorley, where we are today.

Some of our original staff are still with us, preserving the tradition of quality and service.

Our range now includes many other products. In 1998 we were selected by the Kennel Club (Crufts) to produce an exclusive range of dog crates, which were quickly followed by the Freedom Puppy Pen. This pen represented a total breakthrough in puppy pens, and is protected by our design patent.

The design is so good it has been copied the world over, but our design protection ensures that the copies are not exact, and do not include some very important features. Still, imitation is the highest form of flattery!

We now have a network of stockists in many European countries.

In 2010 we took the big step into dog food, but our commitment to total quality lead us to the very best in food, and we were appointed sole UK agents for Golden Eagle Holistic Health food, which is superior in so many ways, not least in that we believe it has the widest range of nutrigenomic food available anywhere.

We continue to look for new products to serve our very loyal customer base, to whom we are very grateful for being part of our team and helping us not only to survive, but to grow in very difficult economic times.





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