natural holistic hypo allergenic dog food

Hypo Allergenic and Sensitive - Lamb and Rice Natural food.

There is an increasing awareness by the scientific community on how important proper nutrition is for our companion animals.

Ever increasing use of medication, specially antibiotics, to treat illness type symptoms on pets. The latest scientific studies on fatty acids, such as DHA and EPA, pre- and probiotics and all their functional properties in protecting and supporting pets methabolism is being revealed.

The new studies are bringing more and more light into the true nutritional needs of dogs. There are increasing occurrances of hereditary diseases in purebred dogs, like epilepsy, eye diseases, cardiovascular diseases, auto-immune diseases, diabetes etc.

Though some of these are truly hereditary, some develop during the dog's life time and very often due to feeding a diet which is lacking critical nutritional components required by the dog's development and metabolism.

Hereditary diseases cannot be cured, but the quality of life and life expectancy can be greatly increased by specific disease supporting nutrition. This is the basis for the development of these special diets.

This is the basis for the GOLDEN EAGLE sensitive range.

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