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Hypo Allergenic and Sensitive - Duck & Potato Natural food.

There is a growing awareness by the scientific community on how important proper nutrition is for our companion animals.

The latest scientific studies reveal that fatty acids, such as DHA and EPA, pre- and probiotics, all help to support the body naturally.

New studies are bringing more and more light into the true nutritional needs of dogs.

There is little doubt that correct nutrition helps to maintain a healthy body, and key, balanced, ingredients are essential in supporting your dog's natural health.

The Golden Eagle sensitive range is nutritionally developed to support your dog in the important areas of digestion, skin and coat care, joint mobility and general all-round health.  It is often used where there is a specific need, and prior to the feeding of a top quality holistic food. 

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2 kg Sensitive Duck & Potato<br>Hypoallergenic

2 bags of 2.0 kg<br>Hypoallergenic Sensitive Duck & Potato<br>SPECIAL OFFER

4 bags of 2.0kg<br>Hypo Allergenic Sensitive Duck + Potato<br>Buy 4 bags<br>Pay only for 3 !

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