Senior Formula for the older dog.

A natural, holistic dog food.


Golden Eagle Natural, Holistic Senior Formula supports  ageing by increasing protein levels and reducing fat. This enhances the cardiovascular, brain, and eye functions in older dogs, assisting with joint problems and giving all the nutrition and digestive aid needed.  

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As with all Golden Eagle foods, it is gluten-free.

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A good help in weight control or loss.

 Especially useful for:-

  • The older dog
  • Joint care
  • Coat & skin care
  • Brain & eye enhancement
  • Heart problems
  • Weight control / loss
  • Aid to digestion 

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2.0 kg Holistic Senior Formula

2 bags x 2.0kg<br>Holistic Senior Formula

4 bags x 2.0kg Holistic Senior Formula<br>BEST BUY

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