Seeing is believing.  

Turtle mats are:-

  • Anti-slip
  • Non staining
  • Guaranteed for 5 years
  • Machine washable / tumble dry

AND  they trap 95% of all dirt and mud !!!!!

"Over the past six months we've had some building work done, and the garden has been a right mess. What with the builders and the dogs the Turtle Mat had to work hard, but it soaked up all the soggy mess that came in through the back door. It has been in and out of the washing machine, tumble dried on a regular basis, and has gone back down each time looking like a new mat." Your Dog Magazine


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Posh Paws

Posh Paws

Wipe Your Paws

Heirloom Stripe. 2 sizes from

Zebrano Wood effect from

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