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Bench Guard with top,gate and bag.


Bench Guard for Bannerdown Benches.

This easy to install bench guard makes dog showing at benched shows very easy.

This great new product consists of hinged panels which fit at the top and front of standard Bannerdown benches (the type used at most Championship shows). It is not suitable for Danco benches.

Suitable for a minimum bench size of 24" (62cm), it easily extends to wider benches with the use of slide-in side arms which clamp to the bench sides. Please note that we still advise the use of crates where maximum security is needed, but a padlock can easily be used with the bench guard.

This bench guardmakes full use of the benching area, and is both lightweight and convenient.

Complete with a FREE carry bag,(with shoulder strap)which has large pockets to accept drinking bowls, grooming accessories - and even your lunch!

Dog shows made easier!

Bench Guard with top,gate and bag.

Bench Guard with top,gate and bag.

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