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First Aid Kit for dogs

A first aid kit, especially designed for pets, contained within a handy plastic case which comes complete with a wall mounting bracket.
Each kit contains:-

  • 2 Saline pods to wash dirt and debris from eyes or other parts.
  • 2 dressings to cover an injury.
  • 1 foil blanket to wrap your pet in on the way to the vet.
  • 5 gauze swabs to clean up fluid.
  • 1 roll microporous tape.
  • 1 conforming bandage to use if a sprain is suspected.
  • 2 pairs gloves for use when tending your pet.
  • 4 plastic pouches to wrap around a dressed foot injury.
  •  4 alcohol free cleansing wipes to wipe around a wound carefully before applying a dressing.
  • 1 pair scissors.
  • 1 pair tweezers.

Please note that this kit should not be used as a substitute for professional veterinary attention, which should be obtained as quickly as possible.



First Aid Kit for dogs

First Aid Kit for dogs

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