PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO SEE DETAILS OF LIGHTWEIGHT CRATES, but first you may be interested in our car finder.
Select your car type by clicking on manufacturer's letter - (F for Ford etc) - and then select the relevant model and year.

Scroll to find a suggested size of dog crate or dog cage for your car!     This is NOT a comprehensive list of cars, nor does it mean that if your car is not included, then there is no cage. This list is intended only as a guide. You are advised to check the measurements carefully. PLEASE NOTE: Hatchback cars are rarely suitable for wire or aluminium crates due to the high lip on the rear entrance.  If buying for a hatchback, the plastic crates with a raised door entrance may be suitable. If in doubt, please check with us first, giving the height of the lip. 

If you want to try before you buy, then visit our warehouse and we will try to find the crate which is best for you - it may be a rectangular crate, which are quite a lot cheaper!

Over the years the size of crate for many car types and models have been determined, and you can see if your car is listed here. Remember, the crate not only has to fit the car, but it must also be a suitable size for a breed. You can see suggested sizes per breed by looking on the link to "find the correct cage per breed." There is no "correct" size of dog crate for any particular breed, as much depends upon the size and nature of each individual dog, as well as the amount of space you feel is correct. Remember, the final decision is yours. A dog should be able to stand with straight legs inside the crate, and to lie down in comfort. If you are in any doubt at all, please ask your breeder who will undoubtedly know your particular requirements, or ask us for further advice.


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CCC1 travel crate for dogs

CCC2 travel crate for dogs

CCC3 travel crate for dogs

CFT3X Soft Car Crate - 39ins wide x 34ins deep -  tapered

CFT7X Soft Car Crate - 37 ins wide x 36ins deep - tapered

CFT8X Soft Car Crate - 42ins wide x 32 ins deep - tapered

58cm high - lift up door<br>Plastic Hatchback Crate

Large Non Spill Water Bowl

Small Non Spill Water Bowl

Paw Print car shades

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