natural holistic dog food

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natural holistic dog food

Training is always forefront on every new owner's mind, and even the most experienced can have occasions when they need help in training.
Here we have a few pointers to our most asked questions.
We hope they help you. Click on the buttons below to select the relevant training advice.

dog training for dog cage or dog crate Dog training - stop my dog barking dog traing aggression jumping up fouling
Dog training - dogs in car  travel advice Dog training - keep dogs off furniture or bedrooms Dog and puppy training books


A quick guide to your dog's chewing needs.

Your puppy is .... Your puppy needs ....
... chewing to relieve tension, soothe new gums and help loosen puppy teeth to make room for adult teeth. ... help in soothing tender gums and developing appropriate occasions to chew.
Your adult dog is .... Your adult dog needs ....
... developing and maintaining strong jaw muscles and often chews when alone or bored.  ... help in satisfying the urge to chew and in fighting boredom when alone, decreasing the likelihood  of destructive behaviour.
Your senior dog is .... Your senior dog needs ....
... at an age when dental disease can develop, potentially resulting in tooth loss.  ... attention to dental health; helping to prevent bad breath, tooth loss, gum disease and jaw muscle atrophy. 


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