List of Dog Breeders' Websites

When you need to know more about a particular dog breed, then there are two places to go:

  1. The Kennel Club (see links to other sites)
  2. A reputable dog breeder.

This page is to help you find out more about a breed, and also more about a particular breeder. Here you will find a goldmine of knowledge, a history of the breed, and details of the breed character. You will also see some wonderful photographs in addition to finding out what a particular breeder can offer, together with details of how to find out more.

The list of websites is far from exhaustive, and please note that inclusion on this list does not represent an endorsement of any kind by Croft of any particular website or breeder. We do not vet the breeders shown, and this page is for information only.(The Kennel Club does have a registered breeder scheme, and if you need further information then you are advised to check directly with the Kennel Club).

Please use this page fully. If the breed in which you are interested is not shown, then you may find what you are looking for on our list of breeders. 

Breed Name Website
Affenpincher Linda Rupniak
Afghan Hound Pam
Akita Linda Smith
Alaskan  Malamute Jane Brook
American Cockers Pauline / Leigh Bishop
American Cockers Glenys Harrison
Australian Silky Terrier Ms.Leino,Fick,Dowty and Kelly
Australian Shepherd Dog Club site
Basenjis Kim Ellis
Basset Fauvre Ruth Farrel
Beagle Serena Parker
Beagle Pauline / Leigh Bishop
Bearded Collies M.Thorpe
Bearded Collies Mr D & Mrs J Robinson
Belgian Shepherd Dogs Helen and Sami Bull
Belgian Shepherd Dogs Kris Malinowski
Bernese Mountain Dogs Philippa Green
Bichon Frise Miss E. Smail
Boerbel Paul Thurbon
Bolognese Virginia Dowty
Bolognese Official British Bolognese Club
Bolognese KC accredited breeders
Border Collie Claire Dennett and Lynn Wild
Border Terrier Sue Mewse
Border Terrier Ian Hardman 
Borzoi Jean Clare
Boxers Diane Hannam
Bull Terriers Craig Brookes
Bulldogs Carolyn Mabey
Bullmastiff British Bullmastiff League website
Bullmastiff Gareth & Amanda Davies
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Eileen Eby
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association website
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Sandra Singleton
Cesky Terriers Sheila Atter
Cesky Terriers Norina Evans 
Chinese Crested Linda Rupniak
Dachshunds - Smooth Mr and Mrs Bethel
Dalmatian Ian and Tessa Wakeling
Dalmatian Candace Rose
Dalmatian Claire Lindsay-Anelli
Deerhound Betina Adams
Dobermann Welfare Association
Dobermann Martin & Jay Horgan
Dobermann Inguna Grase 
Dogue de Bordeaux Carol and Adrian Bicknell
Elkhounds Steve and Ray Kruse
Estrela Mountain Dogs Diana Curtis
Finnish Lapphund Ros & Col Seare
Finnish Spitz Steve and Alison Piearce
Finnish Spitz Sue Price
French Bulldogs Carole Ash
French Bulldogs Midland - North french bulldog club
German Shepherd Claire Dennett and Lynn Wild
German Shepherd Hilary Linnett
German Shepherd Corinne Binfield
Griffon Bruxellois Richard & Melanie Andrews
Golden Retrievers Kim  Ellis
Golden Retrievers C. Taylor
Great Danes Marilyn Winyard
Gundogs Graham Gibson
Hungarian Wirehaired Vizlas Rose Summerfield
Irish Red and White Setters Club site
Irish Red and White Setters Roxanne McDonald
Irish Setters Liz Rowlands
Irish Terriers Ian Hardman 
Italian Spinone Janet Neill
Labradors Rachael Rogers 
Labradors Gloria Hearn
Labradors Sarah Rogers 
Labradors Corinne Binfield
Labradoodle Rai Rogers
Labradoodle Sarah Rogers 
Labradoodle Club site
Labradoodle - ASD Lisa Carson
Labradoodle - ASD Club site 
Lancashire Heeler Kay Critchlow
Lancashire Heeler Janice Jones
Lancashire Heeler Official Lancashire Heeler Club  
Lancashire Heeler UK Lancashire Heeler Community
Lhasa Apsos Kerry Nuttgens
Leonbergers Lil Stagg
Mini Schnauzers Laureen Grimmett 
Miniature Pinschers Sue McGuire
Miniature Pinschers Sue Edmondson
Munsterlander Katie Stanney
Munsterlander Munsterlander Club
Parson Russell Terrier Sara Nixon
Parson Russell Terrier Emma Stanway

Petit Bassett Griffon Vendeen Serena Parker
Pharaoh Hounds Val Jones
Pharaoh Hounds Serena Parker
Pomeranians Miss E. Smail
Pomeranians Christina Holman
Poodle Ros and Col Seare (Australia)
Presa Canario Paul Halliday
Pug Charlotte Swateridge
Pug Linda Rupniak
Rhodesian Ridgebacks Sue Mewse
Rottweillers Carolyn Mabey
Schipperkes Claire Dennett and Lynn Wild
Shar Pei Linda Rupniak
Shar Pei Linda Smith
Shar Pei Lynn English
Siberian Husky Ros and Col Seare (Australia)
Siberian Husky Ian and Tessa Wakeling
Sky Terriers Teena Sloan (Australia)
Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers Cheryl & Chris Satherley
Swedish Vallhund Sharon Morris
Swedish Vallhund Linda Fisher
Tibetan Terrier Jim Hogg
Weimaraners Pauline / Leigh Bishop
Welsh Terriers Norina Evans 
Westies Marion Shoebridge
Westies Miss E. Smail




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