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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our products
(crates at the top - VETBED towards the bottom):

Q. What is the difference between dog cages, dog kennel crates, and car crates?

A.    Not a lot, really. A dog cage is a wire cage with a base tray -either plastic or steel, and which folds flat when not in use. Usually made from a wire mesh, although "soft" crates are becoming more popular. A soft crate is a crate made from cloth with a steel framework.  A kennel crate is usually a much larger cage which gives more room for relaxation, and is strengthened along the sides. Good examples of this are the Showman 54ES, 60ES and 72ES.
Car crates are dog cages specially made to fit into various models of cars and have tapered sides.

What are the differences between  the different types of dog crates?
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Compare the crates.

Q. How do I find the correct size of crate for my dog?
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Q.      Why use a crate ?     Is it not cruel?
Many years ago, when they used to live in the wild, all dogs needed a den or bolt hole for their personal protection and peace of mind. Because of this, all dogs still have a strong natural tendency to seek out this type of shelter.You will have noticed that in your home, if your dog has no place to call his own, he will curl up under a table, a chair, under the stairs etc.  By using  a Croft crate, you give your dog or puppy a place to feel safe...something to protect his back, and yet he will still be able to see all around. You will be surpised how very quickly your dog uses the crate as a "preferential place to be." Quite simply, it very soon becomes "home." 

A great advantage of crate training is that all dogs have a natural instinct to keep their home clean, and never want to "go" in their bed. This means a Croft crate can really help in toilet training - but don't take advantage and shut them away all day!

With a Croft crate, you will find that you have fewer behavioural problems such as excessive barking and chewing.

But most of all, by giving your friend a safe and secure place of his own, he’ll be a much happier dog or puppy. Giving your dog a crate the opposite of cruelty. It is a sign of a loving owner - Ask any top breeder - they will all agree.
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Q.  What is Vetbed? Why is it better than similar products?

1. What is it made of:
Branded polyester (therefore always made to the same high specification), with a double woven backing covered in latex.

2. Is it non-slip?

3. Can it be put straight on the floor/concrete?
Yes, Vetbed comes in many sizes and can either be used inside a dog crate or direct onto the floor/carpet or even outside in the kennel.

4. Is it washable?
Yes, completely machine washable, and quick drying.

5. How long will it last?
It can last up to 10 years in normal domestic use.

6. Does it come in other colours?
Vetbed Original is white.  Vetbed Gold is white.or grey, or red.   Vetbed on the roll is either white or grey.

7. Is it the Original?
Yes, Petlife’s Vetbed has been going for 20 years now, and although there are a lot of look-a-likes on the market, no-one has yet matched it in quality (this is why it costs more than the cheaper look-a-likes on the market today). Vetbed Original is printed as such on the back.

8. What is the difference between this and the cheaper versions?
They may look very similar when they are new, but Vetbed™Original from Petlife stands the test of time. It can be washed and washed and still looks good – users tell us it last and lasts.

9. Is it resistant to chewing?
No, if your dog’s going to chew, it will still chew this, although it is probably the strongest veterinary bedding because of the double woven backing covered in latex it’s very strong and durable.

Other points:

  • Vetbed is recommended by vets and the one they use the most.
  • Vetbed has excellent drainage properties – if your pet has an "accident" it will drain straight through the bed, leaving the top dry so your pet stays warm and dry.
  • Vetbed is versatile – it is easy to carry around and can be taken on holiday with you to keep your pet more secure in unfamiliar surroundings e.g. in car, caravan, aeroplane etc.
  • Vetbed is hygienic, non-irritant and non-allergic.
  • Vetbed keeps younger animals more secure and aids grip.
  • Vetbed keeps older animals happy and they enjoy improved comfort and mobility as the constant warmth aids muscles and joints.
  • Vetbed is stain resistant and non-toxic.


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